TKH Security Solutions Headlines at Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) at ATCE 2017 with Automatic Flare Stack Monitoring System

TKH Security Solutions USA, a manufacture of security management systems for critical infrastructure, traffic, transit, healthcare, financial, commercial building, retail, and government applications, is pleased to announce they have been selected as a headliner at the 2017 Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) at ATCE, presenting a paper on as well as a demonstration of its system on “Automatic Flare Stack Monitoring.” SPE at ATCE 2017 takes place from October 9-11, 2017, at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center in San Antonio, Texas USA.

Our Automatic Flare Stack Monitoring System

TKH’s automatic flare detection and monitoring system is computer vision-based, plug-and-play and designed as a built-in part of the camera. As far as we know, we are the first to present an automatic flare stack monitoring system with flare size tracking and automatic event signaling.

The system we will present has been tested for live monitoring in the Rotterdam Botlek area, the Netherlands. Preliminary results illustrate a reliable system free of false alarms.

We invite you to join SPE at ATCE 2017 with us. TKH Security is headlining this year’s SPE at ATCE with a presentation on its “Automatic Flare Stack Monitoring,” as well as a system demonstration on October 9th, 10th, and the 11th. Throughout, we are also present as an exhibitor. Please visit us at Booth #931!

More information on SPE ATCE 2017

TKH Security Solutions

TKH Security Solutions is a cluster of companies working together to design, develop, and manufacture integrated security solutions using the highest industry standards. Its portfolio includes video surveillance, access control, security management, and intrusion detection systems.

Each company in the cluster has a longstanding history of over 35 years as an expert in its particular field of the security industry.

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