Nationwide Industries Offers New Gate Latch to Replace Panic Bars

Nationwide Industries introduces the first-ever PanicLatch™ which is designed exclusively for gates. Until now, building professionals were required to specify and install a much more expensive and complex panic bar designed for doors. As many contractors will tell you, the installation gap tolerance, and flexibility on a gate & post is much different than a door & frame.

The self-locking Keystone® PanicLatch™ from Nationwide Industries features an innovative design that allows for easy adjustment of the striker bar with a screwdriver. This gives contractors the flexibility to adjust the striker bar to accommodate varying width gaps between the gate and fence post. There is also tolerance to help deal with movement of gates over time. All hardware is easily mounted to the fencepost and gate using screws.

The Keystone® PanicLatch™ is manufactured from an all-weather, glass-filled nylon that is designed to withstand the most rugged commercial and residential applications. The latch includes a 6-pin keyed lock on the outside with a large egress button on the inside. While it is important to check with your local building officer, this product was designed to meet stringent egress codes and specifications.

About Nationwide Industries

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