New Computer Security Book Helps Protect Companies from CyberWar and CyberCrime

ORLANDO, Fla., Oct. 24, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- IT managers and company executives facing online computer threats can rely on the definitive cyber security book, "One False Click: How to Protect Yourself in the Coming CyberWar."

"No problem facing corporate America is more serious, more widespread, and more fixable than cybersecurity," says cyber security expert Jerry Hutcheson, author of the new book that helps companies and management prevent cyberattacks.

About the Book

In this powerful and straight-shooting examination of the challenges cybersecurity places on modern corporate management, Hutcheson, who has worked with many top computer companies, calls on decades of experience to show executives how to prepare their companies and their people for the escalating onslaught from cyber criminals. "One False Click" is an insightful and provocative call to action for every corporate executive who wants to get on the road to safety and security.

Executives who read this book will:

    --  Understand the challenges cybersecurity poses to your personal success
        as well as the success of your business
    --  Learn that cybersecurity is finally a problem that you will learn how to
    --  Find out why your corporate IT is not going to protect you from the next
        cybersecurity breach
    --  Learn that cybersecurity is a problem and finally know what to do about
    --  Realize that your current strategy will not solve your cybersecurity

"One False Click" (ISBN-13:978-0692940549) was published on Oct. 19, 2017. It contains 190 pages and retails for $ 18.95. "One False Click" is available on Amazon.


"Jerry Hutcheson uses concrete, real-life examples to illustrate both the compelling need for cybersecurity as well as methods for improving cybersecurity. The writing style is such that it is very easily understood by readers without an IT background," said John Marvin, CEO at St. Matthews University.

"One False Click is essential reading for every executive who wants to safeguard their business from cybersecurity attacks. Jerry shares pragmatic advice that you can immediately use so that you can protect and grow the profits of your business," said Jim Thomas, Executive Director, Orlando Regional Chamber of Commerce.

"Cybersecurity is a thorny topic, one that keeps CEOs and CIOs awake at night. "One False Click" outlines a proven framework that reduces risk and dramatically increases ROI. Buy this book, study it, and use it: your employees, customers, and shareholders will thank you," said Martin Schad, owner, Material and Process Engineering Solutions LLC.

About the Author

Jerry Hutcheson is not just a writer but a public speaker and a consultant. He has worked with some of the most important and innovative companies in cybersecurity, such as AT&T, Cisco Systems, 3Com, Juniper Networks, Dell and Sonicwall. His company Cybercreed Consulting helps company management and executives protect themselves from cyber-attack.

Jerry believes this management piece is the most critical part of cybersecurity. He has worked extensively in the IT industry working with Fortune 500 companies nationwide for over 30 years. He was instrumental in developing the changing processes at 3Com and then Cisco systems during the internet explosion of the late 90's. He has been building relationships and helping companies for almost 30 years. Jerry has earned numerous industry certifications from Cisco CCIE, to CSSP, to Novell CNE. The results he achieved were enormous, including being named top Channel Account Team in the nation for Cisco Systems two years in a row for Cisco, Top team with Emerging Market Penetration for 3Com, and Jerry pioneered the Juniper OEM business at Dell. He has written numerous articles published in industry publications such as Manufacturing Business Technology, Digital Guardian, and PR Newswire.

When not working on an exciting new project or article. He blogs regularly at, and on Twitter at @jerry_hutcheson. When not working he can be found hanging with his family or deep in the Atlantic chasing the meanest fish he can find.

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