Braskem EBITDA reaches US$3 billion in first nine months

SAO PAULO, Nov. 9, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- BRASKEM S.A. (B3: BRKM3, BRKM5 and BRKM6; NYSE: BAK; LATIBEX: XBRK) announces today its results for 3Q17.


Braskem - Consolidated:

    --  EBITDA:  US$ 868 million (R$2,746 million) down 8% compared to 2Q17 due
        to the capital gain from the divestment of quantiQ, in the amount of US$
        88 million.
    --  Recorded free cash flow of R$1,068 million in 3Q17, up 6% from 2Q17.
    --  Corporate leverage in U.S. dollar stood at 1.65x, or 1.82x including the
        financial penalty under the Global Settlement.
    --  Net income of R$799 million in the Parent Company in 3Q17. YTD, net
        income attributable to shareholders came to R$3,697 million,
        corresponding to earnings of R$4.64 per common share and class "A"
        preferred share.


    --  In 3Q17, crackers operated at an average capacity utilization rate of
        92%, down 1 p.p. from 2Q17,  due to the scheduled shutdown of the Rio de
        Janeiro cracker.
    --  Brazilian demand for resins (PE, PP and PVC) reached 1.3 million tons in
        3Q17, growing 6% in relation to 2Q17.
    --  Sales in the Brazilian market: 915 thousand tons, an increase of 10% and
        3% from the 2Q17 and the 3Q16 respectively.
    --  Resin exports amounted to 396 kton, increasing 8% in relation to 2Q17
        and decreasing 6% in relation to 3Q16. Exports of Main Chemicals came to
        175 kton, representing decreases of 3% from 2Q17 and 10% from 3Q16.
    --  EBITDA of R$1.930 million (US$610 million), including the results from
        exports, accounting for 67% of the Company's consolidated EBITDA from
        all segments.

United States and Europe:

    --  Capacity utilization rate of 94%, down 1 p.p. and 7 p.p. from 2Q17.
    --  Sales: 548 kton, increasing 6% and 9% from 2Q17 and 3Q16 respectively.
    --  EBITDA: US$164 million (R$519 million), 18% of the Company's
        consolidated EBITDA from all segments.


    --  PE plants operated at an average capacity utilization rate of 87%, an
        increased 4 p.p. from 2Q17.
    --  PE Production amounted to 230 thousand tons, 6% higher than in the 2Q17.
    --  PE sales: 236 kton, 65% sold in the Mexican market.
    --  EBITDA: US$136 million (R$429 million), representing 15% of the
        Company's consolidated segments.

The full earnings release is available on the Company's IR website:

Braskem will host conference calls to discuss its Results TODAY, November 9, at 12:00 p.m. US ET. See connecting details on the Company's IR website.

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