Asia Pacific Summit "Exponential economy - a venture capital opportunity" was held in Macau

MACAU, Nov. 12, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- The concept of exponential organization brought out by The Singularity University is drawing global attention, and such companies are generally named unicorns. On 11/6 2017, The UNYCORN, Asia Pacific's exponential organization union, held a business Summit named "Exponential economy - a venture capital opportunity" at Sheraton Hotel in Macau. Celebrating with the crowd included Hong Kong celebrity Alex To, William So, K-pop start Chae Yeon, Ukrainian artist Valeria Lukyanova, and others.

The Summit mainly talked about how Block Chain Technology was utilized in building the incubating online platform, introducing UNYCORN's applications in incubating ventures in the fields of e-sports, online gambling, tourism, health and beauty vacation, self-media, high-end shopping, etc. UNYCORN reviewed its plans in the soon to be rolled out ventures of a social-networking app called UNYCHAT, and an online payment processing platform named UNYPAY. At the same time, UNY-Vacation, UNYCORN's health and beauty vacation venture in Thailand, and UNY-Casino, UNYCORN's online gambling venture in Timor-Leste are soon to be rolled out.

Andreas Nikakos, representing California ETI Business Research Institute, commented during his interview during the Summit:

"UNYCORN is a venture capital incubation platform, holding exponential economy as its core business concept, supported with 2(nd) generation of block chain technology to realize exponential assets in the fields of e-sports, online gambling, tourism, health and beauty vacation, self-media, high-end shopping, and other exponential economic related fields, matching the future growing trend of exponential institution."

Walker Owen, another representative of UNYCORN, pointed out UNYCORN's platform will continue to roll out a series of applications including online-payment system UNYPAY, Social platform UNYCHAT, and five interconnected platforms of: UNY-Mobile Gaming utilizing e-sports; UNY-Online Casino betting on online gambling; UNY-Vacation focusing on health and beauty vacation; UNY-Customized Shopping Mall targeting high-end shopping experience; and UNY-Entertainment providing online self-media platform.

    1. UNY-Mobile Gaming will continue to develop mobile games. Through playing,
       customers can accumulate points that are convertible to online currency,
       usable across the platforms.
    2. UNY-Online Casino continues to go live in Macau, Timor-Leste, Sri Lanka,
       Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, and Jeju Island of South Korea. At the same
       time, UNYCORN will cooperate with these governments' office of tourism.
    3. UNY-VACATION will continue to integrate and develop global vacation real
       estate assets, together with medical, health, and beauty related
       industries, constantly providing better care for UNICORN members. On Dec
       of 2017, UNICORN will hold a Summit on the topic of exponential economy
       and UNYCORN's health and beauty concept in Pattaya. Celebrating this
       first-of-its-kind concept will be mayor of Pattaya, who will have a tour
       around the integrated resorts, villas, and businesses.
    4. UNY-Customized Shopping Mall will partner with global luxury brands,
       creating high-end customized shopping experiences, covering many
       inter-related services such as shopping, tourism, vacation, fashion,
       jewelries, yacht, RV, and private jets.
    5. UNY-Entertainment will open a self-media portal on UNYCORN's own Social
       media platform. For near future, UNYCORN will also focus of the
       production and distribution of film and anime.

We also learned that following Macau's Summit, UNYCORN will continue its Summit tours in Timor-Leste, Thailand, and USA. As a multidimensional and close-looped digitized asset sharing incubation ecosystem, UNYCORN is leading continued attention in the area of exponential organization.

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