Pure Grown Diamonds Launches First-Ever Bridal Jewelry Collection

ISELIN, N.J., Nov. 29, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Pure Grown Diamonds, the pioneers in the above earth diamond industry and the largest selling grown diamond brand in the United States, announces their first bridal jewelry collection across 300 retail stores in the United States.

Pure Grown Diamond's first-ever bridal collection consists of distinct pieces using their most exquisite Type IIa diamond in a variety of shapes and styles.

"Pure Grown Diamonds have been an excellent partner and addition to our company," says Allen Easterling, Chief Sales Officer at Jensen Jewelers. "We have successfully sold their diamonds for over a year, so it was an easy decision to add their finished bridal jewelry to our selection."

Pure Grown Diamond's newest bridal collection signifies their expansion of pure grown diamonds categories. Additionally, their new collection gives their retailers, large and small, a plethora of choices.

"We pride ourselves in creating sustainable, eco-friendly diamonds of the future," says Suraj Mehta, Director of Pure Grown Diamonds. "We are thrilled to continue to support our retailers and introduce our first-ever collection of unique, quality pieces for brides to wear on their special day and for years to come."

Pure Grown Diamonds will continue to evolve and expand their bridal jewelry category, offering new collections next year.

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Conceived in 2013, Pure Grown Diamonds (PGD) has been growing steadily in USA's multi-brand jewelry retail stores. It distinguishes itself sharply in the very source of its diamonds - they are grown above the earth using cutting edge technology in an environment that mimics nature below the earth. PGD's diamonds bring to every consumer the opportunity to possess their dream diamond, only bigger and brighter than ever before.

Pure Grown Diamonds are very high-quality Type IIa diamond that can go up to 5 carat stone in cut and polished form. Since these diamonds are sustainably grown above earth with fair production practices, they are ethical in the truest sense and leave a significantly smaller carbon footprint when compared to mined diamonds.

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