Opportunity Network Launches Global Partnership With UBS

ZURICH, December 5, 2017 /PRNewswire/ --

UBS Switzerland AG is making available to select High Net Worth and Ultra High Net worth clients access to the global B2B match-making platform Opportunity Network [http://www.opportunitynetwork.com ] (ON). The agreement will allow UBS clients to connect among each other and to other trustworthy counterparts around the world. Clients can raise and invest capital, execute buy and sell side M&A, find real estate opportunities and help businesses they own expand globally. Today ON connects over 14,500 CEOs, business owners and private investors in over 100 countries, and hosts an overall deal flow of over $90B. All ON participants are selected by leading financial institutions.

"The platform will serve or provide a digital forum for Wealth Management clients interested in exploring global business opportunities" said James Fisher, Executive Director at UBS. "The launch of our partnership with UBS represents a major inflection point for ON. I am confident that the quality of its users and the professional expertise of UBS will not only substantially expand the member base, but also create unique business opportunities that will attract the interest of partners from all over the world," highlighted Brian Pallas, Founder and CEO of Opportunity Network.

About Opportunity Network  Opportunity Network (ON) is the community for select CEOs and private investors to power growth for their businesses worldwide. ON includes over 14,500 CEOs from over 100 countries and a total transaction flow of over $90B. ON members post or directly connect to actionable business and investment opportunities ranging from early stage funding to M&A, commercial partnerships, and JVs. All ON members are screened by prestigious financial institutions, professional services firms, and associations worldwide. ON vetting partners include Citizens Bank, Alfa-Bank, London Stock Exchange Group, Intesa Sanpaolo, Caixabank, Eurobank, YPO, and Dentons. 


SOURCE Opportunity Network