Reports Working Capital Biggest Risk for Communication Professionals

UTRECHT, Netherlands, December 12, 2017 /PRNewswire/ --

According to [ ], almost 89% of professionals in the Information and Communication Industry have stated that working capital is their number one risk. In the Construction Industry, a staggering 90.4% of experts say that strategic assets are their most important strategy. This month gives away free insights into these industries. Click here [ ] to get your risk report (Information & Communication Industry) or here [ ] to download your strategy report (Construction Industry).

Information & Communication Risks 

According to the benchmarking report, the Information & Communication Industry has to deal with 34 risks. Working capital might be their main concern, but talent (82.8%), economic conditions (79.5%), pronouncement practices (73.5%), and internal control (73.2%) complete the top 5. Most risks can be found in Operations-Support (34%) while external factors is the category with the highest amount of risks.

Construction Strategies 

While construction professionals state that strategic assets (90.4%) are their most important strategy, product and service innovation (86.5%), product development (84.2%), income tax management (83.9%), and governance (82.5%) are almost just as important. The highest amount of strategies can be found in the category Operating Margin (34.8%) while the least amount of attention is paid to Asset Efficiency (12.8%).

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