SkyPan Calls for Recreational Drone Operators to Register with FAA

SkyPan, a company that offers innovative aerial robotic systems that serve the needs of the architecture and real estate industries, is calling on all model aircraft operators of unmanned aircraft to register online with the FAA. In May, a U.S. Court of Appeals ruled the FAA is prohibited by law from requiring model aircraft operators to register their drones. Congress recently overturned that decision, enacting a provision in the National Defense Reauthorization Act that restores the FAA online registration rule adopted in December 2015 as of the effective date of the Act. Accordingly, model aircraft operators who have not registered with the FAA must do so promptly.

Under the online registration rule, model aircraft operators need register only once, regardless of how many drones they may operate. “Online registration is simple, easy, and costs just $5,” said Mark Segal, President of SkyPan. “Registration serves the public interest of accountability, which is a critical objective in ensuring safe and secure integration of drones into the National Airspace System.” The FAA’s registration webpage also has links to education programs.

SkyPan notes that model aircraft operators who do not meet all of the requirements for model aircraft operators and whose aircraft weigh less than 55 pounds are subject to Part 107. Thus, SkyPan also encourages all drone operators to carefully read Part 107, to understand its requirements and limitations, and to seek guidance from the FAA if they have any questions. SkyPan is pleased to support the FAA’s efforts to promote compliance with safety regulations governing UAS operations.

About SkyPan

SkyPan International president Mark Segal founded the company in 1988. SkyPan conducts aerial panoramic photography operations above private property in urban areas under controlled conditions. SkyPan’s commercial clients include many of the country’s leading developers.

SkyPan owns a patent for its panoramic aerial technology system and uses professional-grade digital camera systems to produce interactive 360-degree photos showing future views at exactly-measured heights. These SkyPan digital images assist clients with pre-planning needs – such as entitlements, zoning, investor presentations, pricing studies, architectural design – and in later phases of development as integral components of their marketing teams’ pre-sales and sales presentations. SkyPan’s imagery helps developers promote and sell future real estate, saving time and money, accelerating, informing design and construction and advancing job creation.