Historical Epic and Virtual Victories Meet in the Real World in the Clash of Kings Dubai Tournament

DUBAI, UAE, December 18, 2017 /PRNewswire/ --

Clash of Kings is one of the most successful smartphone strategy games on the internet. It has been downloaded a record number of times globally by players who can relive exciting historical battles on their smartphones wherever they go.

With over 65 million downloads worldwide during its first year of launch, including 3 million downloads in the Arab world, Clash of Kings has strengthened its reputation and enhanced its fame by entering the world of competitive e-sports. This is in real world events where players challenge each other in exciting tournaments, the first of which were held in the US last August, and in China in early September.

The next phase of this journey will be the "Clash of Kings World Cup", where more than 60 players will gather on Friday 22 December at Hub Zero in Dubai to face the challenge - organised by eSports Middle East. All members of the winning team will receive an iPhone7, and 15 smartphones will be distributed to the public and audience through a free-to-enter draw. It will held from 4pm to 8pm of that day. The Clash of Kings World Cup will be featured on Arab TV channels, with a number of local celebrities in attendance. It will also be streamed live on the game's Facebook page.

Clash of Kings is based on civilizations of the Middle Ages, and players can choose the civilization they want to be. The aim of the game, as the king of this civilization, is to assemble and lead an army, and to fortify a castle to protect it from enemy attack. The game features advanced chat rooms with voice and text messaging capabilities to enable players to communicate over the internet. These are split into both public chat rooms, with an instant translation feature to enable unlimited global communication, and private chat rooms. Although there are no Arab civilizations in the current version of the game, the development team is working hard to realise this in the coming year, in recognition of the important contribution of Arab players. 

You can stay informed of the latest developments and game news via the official account at https://www.facebook.com/cokarabs

See past events and activities, as well as future plans via the channel https://www.youtube.com/user/OfficialClashOfClans Download the game now and join the challenge:


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