Lime Energy Statement of Support for New York Governor’s State-of-the-State Announcement

New York Governor Andrew M. Cuomo announced yesterday the policy proposals contained in today’s “State of the State” address. Among these new initiatives for 2018 is “New York's Clean Energy Jobs and Climate Agenda,” which contains a directive for establishing a new and enhanced energy efficiency target for the state in early 2018. Details on the proposal are available on the Office of the Governor website. In response to this announcement, Lime Energy’s President and CEO Adam Procell released the following statement:

“Lime Energy is grateful to Governor Cuomo and his policy team for taking this important step. By instituting a robust energy efficiency target, New York can reclaim its leadership position among the states advancing common-sense energy efficiency policy. An efficiency target is among the lowest cost, most effective ways to make energy more affordable for New York’s residents and businesses, while creating jobs, boosting economic competitiveness, and curtailing New York’s emissions output.”

“Without a sizeable increase in activity in making homes and businesses more energy efficient, New York’s groundbreaking “Reforming the Energy Vision” policy, and its ambitious Clean Energy Standard, will be difficult to meet and unnecessarily costly for ratepayers. Lime Energy is prepared to support the development of the new energy efficiency target, and we are committed to redoubling our contribution to economic growth and job creation across New York.”

About Lime Energy Co.

Lime Energy is building a new energy future. As a leading national provider of energy efficiency products and services to utilities and their commercial customers, Lime Energy implements small business energy efficiency programs that consistently exceed program savings goals. Lime Energy has significant operations in the Lower Hudson Valley, Central New York, and in the Buffalo region, predominantly serving small business customers. Small businesses are a huge part of any local economy, constituting 96% of all commercial customers and creating 65% of all jobs over the past 20 years. Small business utility programs and Lime Energy are helping customers in this important, yet difficult to reach, segment save on their utility bills and improve their businesses, while greening their communities.