Michael H. Moskowitz, MD Releases Revolutionary Book About Medical Cannabis

SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 26, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Michael H. Moskowitz, MD, MPH recently released "Medical Cannabis: A Guide for Patients, Practitioners and Caregivers." The informative guide, published by Koehler Books, illustrates how medical cannabis, which is legalized in 44 states and the District of Columbia, helps treat serious conditions, such as pain, cancer, sleep disturbance, mood disorders, epilepsy, osteoporosis, anxiety disorders, and many others.

"This unique manual for cannabis prescription provides an exhaustive review of the complexities of pharmacological and clinical research, botanical and biochemical identification, physiological responses and commercial availability for various components of medical cannabis," said Philip R. Weinstein, MD, Professor Emeritus, University of California San Francisco, Department of Neurological Surgery, Spine Center and Institute for Neurodegenerative Diseases. "It will be an essential resource for physicians, growers, dispensaries, and politicians."

In the book, Dr. Moskowitz reviews the science of our own built-in cannabinoid system, then offers practical topics, including medical cannabis treatment, dispensary management, paraphernalia, embodiments, routes of administration, and DIY treatment. He also covers the complexities of state laws, learning the phases of treatment, working with dispensaries, understanding the different embodiments and routes of administration, knowing how to avoid undesirable psychotropic effects, and combining this approach with both traditional and alternative medical care.

"My book details many ways of using this treatment without being cognitively altered. It is meticulously documented, and scientifically grounded to both help physicians with recommendations and treatment planning and in delivering highly relevant and useful treatment choices for patients," noted Dr. Moskowitz. "Whether you are a patient, practitioner, caregiver or lawmaker, this book separates myth from reality and proves itself invaluable to your own decision-making about this therapeutic approach."

"Medical Cannabis: A Guide for Patients, Practitioners and Caregivers" can be found on book selling platforms in paperback, online and hard back, such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

About Michael H. Moskowitz, MD, MPH
Michael H. Moskowitz is a board-certified physician in both Psychiatry and Pain Medicine. Dr. Moskowitz was an Assistant Professor of Pain Medicine in the Anesthesiology Department of University of California Medical Center, Davis for 12 years, where he taught courses on the Neuroplasticity of Pain and on Medical Cannabis for the treatment of pain. He is a practicing physician at Bay Area Pain Medical Associates in San Rafael, CA, where he treats many of his persistent pain patients with medical cannabis. For more information, please call (415) 380-0480, or visit http://www.neuroplastix.com.

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