AgileCraft® Announces Pegasus, the First Artificial Intelligence Solution to Optimize Enterprise Agility with Machine Learning

Earlier this week AgileCraft announced Pegasus, a new set of capabilities in the AgileCraft product family that leverages machine-learning algorithms and predictive analytics to power unconventional insights, automation, and improved customer feedback loops to help decision makers maximize value delivery across the enterprise.

As the world’s first artificial intelligence platform to be fully integrated into Scaled Agile, Pegasus is uniquely positioned to provide a holistic analysis of the flow of information between business and technology teams. Pegasus will complement and enhance AgileCraft’s existing analytics and big data forecast models. AgileCraft is the first platform to bring together a strategic and operational system of record that converts all work to dollars and time. With Pegasus, AgileCraft will take advantage of the resident data-linking strategy, finance, value and operations to drive additional analytics and speed value from strategy to deployment.

“AgileCraft was developed to help teams break free of data silos and empower them with the insights they need to make better investment decisions while optimizing delivery. Pegasus takes this freedom to the next level, by harnessing the power of predictive analytics and machine learning to develop real-time insights and predictions. Pegasus will liberate decision makers from slow, uninformed, manual solutions and unleash the power of innovation through AI,” said Steve Elliott, founder and CEO of AgileCraft. “Machine learning, when combined with human insights, lead to much more accurate forecasts and trends than simply looking at traditional analytics,” said Elliott. He added, “We have been quietly developing our strategy, go-to-market, and initial product offering for some time now.”

“I am truly excited to announce that we have hired Nathan Jones as our Head of Artificial Intelligence to lead the new Pegasus product line. Nathan is a software veteran who is passionate to find new ways to leverage advanced AI to improve strategic and operational agility in the enterprise. Nathan has been focused on this problem set for several years and we are excited to add him to the team,” said Elliott.

“Pegasus will allow our customers to understand their business in ways never before possible, particularly as the portfolio is challenged to maximize technology investments to enable digital transformation,” said Nathan Jones, Head of AI. He added, “Large enterprises with staying power are transforming to enable the capability to 1) sense and adapt to changes at the business level, 2) drive portfolios that can rapidly learn with value engineering, and 3) power engineering teams that deliver quality with predictability. When you combine the power of big data and machine learning with Pegasus, you have something with the potential to materially change outcomes daily.”

Pegasus will be broadly available later this year. AgileCraft is currently signing up beta customers.

About AgileCraft

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