Leveraging Cost Model Analysis Solutions for a Prominent Automobile Engineering Client to Achieve Substantial Savings

SpendEdge, a global procurement intelligence advisory firm, has announced the release of their new ’cost model analysis study on the automotive industry’. A renowned player in the automotive industry wanted to identify the essential cost elements while gaining a detailed understanding of the current market scenario. The client also wanted to conduct a cost-model analysis study to evaluate all the potential costs and revenues and assess the impact of each cost driver on the overall cost of the services. Additionally, the automobile engineering client wanted to identify the gaps that need to be bridged to further improve their cost efficiency.

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Cost Model Analysis Study on the Automotive Industry (Graphic: Business Wire)

Cost Model Analysis Study on the Automotive Industry (Graphic: Business Wire)

According to the procurement analysts at SpendEdge, “The growth of the automotive space can be attributed to several factors such as declining interest rates, easy finance options, and robust government incentives to promote the car culture.”

Renowned players in the automobile engineering space are leveraging the use of cost model analysis solutions to improve their overall cost efficiency. Our cost model analysis solutions help firms compare the cost of their services with that of the competitors and allocate their resources accordingly to meet their business requirements.

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The cost model analysis solutions offered by the experts at SpendEdge helped the automobile engineering client to identify direct and indirect costs. Our solutions also enabled the client to conduct quantitative cost modeling and scenario-based cost modeling to understand the best negotiation levers. Moreover, the solutions helped them identify the best negotiation levers to achieve maximum profits.

Our cost model analysis solutions offered benefits that helped the client to:

  • Develop a cost movement forecast for all cost elements to obtain better pricing results
  • Compare the cost of all elements

To know more, read the cost model analysis case study here: https://www.spendedge.com/casestudy/automobile-engineering-cost-model-analysis

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