TapToBook is releasing its AI Driven Multi-Channel Digital Marketing Platform for B2C Businesses

SUNRISE, Fla., Feb. 21, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- TapToBook, an Innovator in the Digital Marketing space for B2C Businesses, has released its multi-channel Messaging and Chat Platform.

The retail services industry continues to shift their marketing budget away from traditional print and TV ads towards the multi-billion dollar market for Digital Marketing tools, such as Email Marketing, Google Adwords, Facebook and Instagram, etc. However, as Email Marketing reach continues to deteriorate and the mass adoption of Facebook and Google Ads keeps pushing up the price per click, costs and effectiveness are coming into question. Without the ability to "Convert" these Ads into actual Revenue, these Businesses are spending a huge amount of money on Vanity metrics. "After the initial high of having your business join the Facebook revolution wears off, owners are realizing you cannot take "Likes" to the Bank," says Ali Chaudhry, CEO of TapToBook.

TapToBook's instant response platform combines the power of Email, Text and Social to message its Customers and offer mobile transactions with built-in Landing Pages. In addition, TapToBook allows the Business to Chat with its Customers to get them through the process of Closing the Sale and answering any of their questions without ever picking the Phone. There is nothing in the market with this type of instant reach and personalization. TapToBook is a comprehensive Customer Engagement tool that delivers dollars instead of impressions, clicks and Likes. In less than 5 minutes a week, a business can launch a campaign targeting empty times and message customers with an easy way to buy, while 2-way chat provides the support to convert customer questions into sales. "The entire experience is seamless and eliminates the need for back and forth with the front desk," says Nick McKenna, Product Manager for TapToBook.

"Our AI driven Analytics can analyze your Marketing and Sales data over a period of time and provide actionable insights into Customers behavior, optimal times, pricing and channel engagement."

About TapToBook, Inc.: TapToBook is a messaging and engagement platform that allows B2C businesses to notify their customers about promotions during off-peak times with built-in landing pages and 2-way chat to complete the sale. Additionally, digital referrals allow customers to share the promotion with friends and family to drive new customer acquisition.

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