Sicuro Group Granted ISO 27001 Accreditation in Dubai

DUBAI, UAE, February 25, 2018 /PRNewswire/ --

Sicuro Group LLC, the Dubai-headquartered group of companies specialising in communications and technology solutions, data-driven security reporting and mission critical equipment, has recently been granted ISO 27001 certification for Information Security Management.

The rigorous and detailed, independent audit process entailed thorough interviews with various departments such as Operations, Quality Assurance, Human Resources and Finance, as well as investigating risk management, business continuity, compliance, physical security, access controls and internal security practices. This ensures that information security controls continue to exceed security needs on an on-going basis.

'Information security is more important than ever in today's world, we want to assure our clients and future clients that we are taking every precaution to keep their data and information safe, no matter where they are located or operating, throughout the world' said George Turns, Sicuro's Executive Director.

Sicuro has been operating predominately in the high-risk areas throughout Eurasia, Middle East and Africa since 2005 and serves a mixture of European, US and international companies in various industries.

The group adds ISO 27001 to their standards ahead of the GDPR European roll out in May 2018, with its implementation already underway.

About Sicuro Group LLC:

Sicuro Group is a specialist provider of communications and technology solutions, data-driven security reporting and mission critical equipment. It has 12 years of experience in supplying services and solutions to clients in challenging and difficult locations across the Middle East, Africa and Eurasia.

Sicuro has developed an international reputation for delivering services, equipment and solutions for major NGOs, government entities, oil & gas, logistics, and security companies in over 40 countries throughout the region.

About ISO 27001: 

ISO 27001 is a globally recognised standard for the establishment, maintenance, and certification of an information security management system (ISMS). This certification ensures continuity of data stewardship through the entire service delivery process.

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