Four Ways Security Seals Manufacturers Can Generate Fresh Content Ideas

NEW YORK, Feb. 26, 2018 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Leading internet marketing company, fishbat, shares four ways security seals companies can continually generate evergreen content with ease.

The age of online marketing and sales has made content marketing essential. However, without a plan or strategies for brainstorming content ideas, it can be hard to achieve the return on investment you want. To minimize these challenges, award-winning digital marketing agency, fishbat, shares several ways to make generating fresh content easier:

1. Make a content calendar. To produce fresh content regularly, you'll need to stay organized. A content calendar is a great way to keep track of content that needs to be created as well as content that's already been published. Plan enough topics to maintain regularly scheduled posts for two to four months. Then, update this calendar to note when content has been published.

2. Find inspiration. Once you've developed a system for staying organized, it's time to find topics to write about and schedule them. Inspiration can come from many different places, so try not to limit your creativity. Here are a few places to look for content ideas:

    --  Internally: Staff probably have many ideas for content and more brains
        are better than one. Invite them to share ideas or even create content
        they're interested in reading.
    --  Competition: For security seal companies, look at what your competition
        is doing and the type of content they're posting. See if there's a way
        you can do what they're doing, but better. You'll also want to see what
        aspects of your unique selling proposition they don't cater to and
        emphasize that value that you provide in your content.
    --  Your hobbies and experiences: Everyone enjoys a good story. See if
        there's a way you can connect personal experiences and stories to your
        content, products and services.
    --  Customers: There's no better publicity than a happy customer sharing a
        positive experience they've had with your company online. Mini case
        studies make excellent blog posts and these types of posts can easily be
        shared and promoted across social media.

3. Take advantage of trends. Every once and awhile it can be helpful to develop content ideas based on what's trending online at the time. This can increase your visibility online and direct more traffic to your site.

4. Work with influencers. Let an influencer talk about your products or services using their unique voice. They'll put you in front of potential customers and they're voice will sound fresh on your website when you share a link to their mention of you.

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