Infragistics Customers Build JavaScript / HTML5 Apps with Ignite UI

Infragistics Customers Build JavaScript / HTML5 Apps with Ignite UI

Battelle enables agencies to easily make sense of mission-critical data and Pasona Tech helps customers transition their ERP to the cloud with JavaScript components suite

CRANBURY, N.J., March 27, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- For the last eight years, popular developer community site Stack Overflow has conducted a survey of their developer community. This year and for the last six years, their developers have named JavaScript, along with other modern web languages like HTML as the most used languages. Modern web apps allow companies to take advantage of the convenience and scalability of the cloud, and Infragistics, a worldwide leader in providing tools and solutions that accelerate design, development, and collaboration, enables these apps with their suite of developer UI tools and components in Ignite UI for JavaScript, and Ignite UI for Angular. These JavaScript UI component library giving you the ability to build data-rich responsive web apps with Angular, React, Bootstrap, ASP.NET MVC, Knockout and more, complete with HTML5 datagrids, JavaScript charts, and native Angular Grid and Chart controls.

Since 1929, Battelle Memorial Institute has focused on advancing science and technology to deliver major benefits to society. Today, they are the largest non-profit research organization in the world.

    --  Battelle strives to provide accurate data to their end users through
        web-based and desktop applications. Easily making sense of the rich data
        in these reports is critical to decision-making, such as predicting the
        likelihood and potential impact of a terrorist event. This analysis
        helps the agency prioritize funding and asset allocation.
    --  Battelle needs to deliver thorough, informative reports in models that
        agency staff can easily turn to for the latest information on any
        device, on potential events and ways to mitigate them. In the past,
        Battelle generated 1,000-page reports each time their clients needed a
        threat assessment. The reports took weeks to compile, there was no way
        to see what would happen if a variable changed; clients could not
        interact with the models or the data.
    --  Battelle leverages Ignite UI's JavaScript controls suite, to create its
        assessments via desktop and web apps that calculate the potential of
        injuries for a situation. It takes the variables; whether it is a food
        contamination or an airborne agent; it is indoor or outdoor; or how the
        public health systems would need to react, to produce that assessment.
        With the help of Infragistics' Ignite UI, Battelle has created a web app
        that helps their clients calculate a potential scenario that they not
        only can interact with but also can share securely with other
    --  Before Infragistics, Battelle needed weeks to generate 1,000-page
        reports each time their clients needed an assessment, now the company
        delivers interactive models in days.

Pasona Tech, Inc., a subsidiary of the Pasona Group, was founded in 1998 and specializes in the technology field in alignment with the corporate philosophy of the Pasona group, "Solutions to Society's Problems."

    --  Transitioning company databases into a cloud-based system is a major
        part of Pasona Tech's business, along with system integration to help
        its clients set up an effective online enterprise application to carry
        out mainstay business functions such as pricing estimates, order
        processing systems, billing and payment, and customer relationship
    --  Pasona Tech turned to Infragistics' Ignite UI and started offering a
        combination of "connected services" for kintone and Ignite UI. The
        dashboard function, listing layout, tile management, and customizability
        of layout functions are popular with clients who want to analyze data at
        a glance in one screen without having to change, open and close several
        windows. Another popular function is being able to edit and save in
        multiple rows, compared with the previous basic function where changes
        could be edited and saved in only one row at a time.
    --  Ignite UI's JavaScript chart also allowed clients to draw data from
        several applications into graph form. The apps can be viewed on many
        devices, from PCs to tablets and smartphones, which helps clients as
        their needs evolve.

To learn how to accelerate and support development teams in moving their existing or building new applications for the modern Web, to write their own customer story, Infragistics is offering an Angular & JavaScript Bootcamp, including:

    --  Angular masterclass
    --  Ignite UI for Angular & JavaScript deep dive & best practices
    --  Hands-on labs & workshops
    --  Take-home courseware & Ignite UI subscriptions with 3 years of new
        features, updates, & support


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