TimiCoin/TimiHealth Next Heads to Global Blockchain Conference with UFC Champ Michael Bisping to Punch-Up its Enterprising Exchange Story

TimiCoin/TimiHealth Next Heads to Global Blockchain Conference with UFC Champ Michael Bisping to Punch-Up its Enterprising Exchange Story

SANTA CLARA, Calif., March 29, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- World's first healthcare blockchain technology to deliver swift and secure exchange of medical records, TimiCoin/TimiHealth (www.Timicoin.io) heads for the Global Blockchain Conference.

The TimiCoin/TimiHealth's distinguished team of health and medical professions will be accompanied by its MMA champion spokesperson Michael Bisping, to give its enterprising story extra punch.

TimiCoin/TimiHealth system ledger is the world's first cryptocurrency mobile platform using blockchain technology for storing and accessing medical records, which allows patients and medical professionals to exchange data over the most secure network.

"The current mission of TimiCoin is educating health and medical professionals about the awesome capabilities of its revolutionary blockchain technology, which makes possible the most portable platform for medical records. We're creating an enterprise in the healthcare space to champion the pinnacle of security for sensitive data," said TimiCoin/TimiHealth Advisory Board Chairperson Joyce Lignell.

"We're excited to share our team's insight, blockchain white paper and background, on Monday, April 2 at the Global Blockchain Conference, with our spokesperson, MMA & Boxing Champion Bisping bringing not only strength, but insight into our mission," added Lignell.

"Ours is the first decentralized technology platform that's able to record data in such a safe and efficient way. Whether traveling or during an emergency, your records will be accessible wherever you need them," said Will Lowe, CEO, Co-Founder and managing director,TimiCoin/TImiHealth.

Eliminating human mistakes in records transfer, TimiCoin Blockchain will improve the healthcare sector, enabling research, patient access approval and physician networking centralized in one ledger.

TimiCoin pilot programs are at a pre-launch in the United States, Mexico and globally, as they add leaders in the technology revolution in such an important area as healthcare," said Lowe.

Besides Lowe, TimiCoin/TimiHealth's top professional team includes co-founder Ramiro Pequeno, Lignell, Miguel Esparza, Dick Escue, Kai Tsai, Robert Martin and Terri Thomas, all providing expertise to better serve the healthcare space.

TimiCoin/TimiHealth made waves at the Blockchain Super Conference in Dallas and HiMSS18 in Las Vegas and now will rock in Santa Clara.

About TimiCoin/TimiHealth:
The Mobile Health Record Platform provides complete security of medical records accessible from anywhere in the world. TimiCoin/TimiHealth (Timicoin.io) is a patent-pending solution to securing patient data, while providing unprecedented portability. The company is actively working on pilot programs in the US, Mexico City and Monterrey, Mexico.

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