GoLookUp Launches Comprehensive Unclaimed Money Search

GoLookUp Launches Comprehensive Unclaimed Money Search

In order to allow people to find money that is rightfully theirs, GoLookUp has launched a comprehensive Unclaimed Money directory.

WILMINGTON, Del., April 2, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- All across the United States, there is unclaimed money that people are unaware of with an average of $900 being owed to each of them. Finding the unclaimed money can be time-consuming as it requires going to the offices where public records are held about the money and estates that belong to U.S. residents.

In order to allow people to find money that is rightfully theirs, GoLookUp has launched a comprehensive Unclaimed Money directory that gathers the necessary information within minutes.

Unclaimed Money in U.S. States

As of today, there are nearly $60 billion of unclaimed funds and estates all across the United States. This large sum of money accumulated over the years in various places, such as life insurance, pensions, savings bonds and more.

The people that are entitled to this money have forgotten about it after they changed their residence, bank and place of work. As a result, there are millions of people in America have unclaimed cash they can ask back at any time.

In order to find the lost money, one must go to the different offices that might be holding it in each state he or she lived in, which is time-consuming and not always efficient. In comparison, the money lost can be found in GoLookUp's advanced and quick unclaimed money directory.

The directory is simple to use and requires users to provide their first name, last name and the state they wish to search the money in. After providing these details, the directory scans billions of public records in order to find the exact location of the lost money.

In addition to searching and finding the money, GoLookUp's unclaimed money directory also provides the necessary paperwork to ask for the money back. The website's users can also use the people search directory in order to find lost relatives and find out if they have any unclaimed money as well.

The reverse phone lookup directory is also a handy tool that helps users find unclaimed money that belongs to them or their relatives all across the U.S. states and claim it back.

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