VU University Medical Center in Amsterdam Delivers First Ever Linear Accelerator-Based On-Table Adaptive MR Image-Guided Radiotherapy Treatment on ViewRay MRIdian® Linac

VU University Medical Center in Amsterdam Delivers First Ever Linear Accelerator-Based On-Table Adaptive MR Image-Guided Radiotherapy Treatment on ViewRay MRIdian® Linac

Two Prestigious Centers in Europe Start Treating Patients with MRIdian® Linac

CLEVELAND, April 19, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- ViewRay, Inc. (Nasdaq: VRAY) announced today that VU University Medical Center (VUmc) in Amsterdam has begun patient treatments using the Company's next generation system, MRIdian Linac. This is the first ever linear accelerator-based MR image-guided radiotherapy session delivered using on-table adaptation to correct for anatomical movements that occur each day throughout a patient's course of therapy.

In May 2016, VUmc began on-table adaptive MR-image guided treatments with the first generation MRIdian system, which VUmc intends to upgrade to linac technology later in 2018.

Unlike conventional radiotherapy, the MRIdian system provides diagnostic-quality MR visualization of the tumor and surrounding healthy tissues. This recent advance provides the potential for clinicians to improve targeting precision and thus deliver higher, and potentially more effective radiation doses to the tumor, while simultaneously minimizing incidental radiation exposure to surrounding organs.

The MRIdian Linac system received FDA clearance in 2017 and was CE marked in 2016. The MRIdian Linac system enables both faster and more precise radiation treatments than ViewRay's first generation system.

"Having experienced first-hand the clinical benefits of real-time MR guidance and adaptive treatment delivery with our first MRIdian system, we felt a second was necessary in order to ensure that more patients can benefit from this more precise treatment. Suitable patient groups were identified in our initial studies of more than 1,800 adaptive treatments and with the second system in place, even more patients will benefit from this treatment modality, which is the next big advance in radiotherapy." said Ben J. Slotman, M.D., Ph.D., professor and chairman of Radiation Oncology at VUmc. "We are excited that our MRIdian Linac clinical program has begun, and that we now have an essential tool in place to help address a key challenge we face in radiation oncology, including day-to-day changes that can occur throughout the course of treatment."

MRIdian's MR image-guided radiotherapy is a rapidly emerging technique for precision cancer care with numerous top-tier cancers centers poised to treat their first patients in the first half of 2018. Earlier this week, University Clinic Heidelberg in Germany also treated their first patient using MRIdian Linac MR image-guided radiotherapy.

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