Modern Incarceration: Positive Understanding Rehabilitation Rooms (PURR)

Modern Incarceration: Positive Understanding Rehabilitation Rooms (PURR)

"PURR"...An exciting innovation to Modular Steel Jail and Prison Cell Construction.

MANALAPAN, N.J., May 2, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- For 27 years, M.R. SECURE SALES LLC, has represented the leading steel cell manufacturers. The industry has produced over 45,000 modular steel cells. (Email for photos/additional information)

Cells are customized with desired detention equipment and installed as part of new construction or possibly into existing structures. The cells utilize premium monolithic coatings, anti-contraband design and in-cell shower options. Factory QC assures higher levels of quality regardless of site weather conditions. Heavily insulated, non-porous steel walls are easily cleansed and resist bacteria absorption reducing the smell of body odors and urine. This feature promotes passive hygienic environments in cell blocks and in the advanced Positive Understanding Rehabilitation Rooms (PURR).

"PURR" units are quickly becoming the focus of corrections administrators throughout the world. Society wants less inmate warehousing and more rehabilitation. The goal of PURR is to keep society, staff and inmates safe while dramatically reducing recidivism. This is accomplished by creating a secure yet positive environment that understands the basic human need for dignity and prisoner's hope to safely return to their community and family as a better person. The steel PURR units have the unique flexibility to be converted to any level of security classification and are relocatable. The "PURR" rooms exhibit substantial life cycle maintenance savings and at the same time give the incarcerated individuals a chance to maintain their dignity and positive reinforcement in a humane and uplifting housing environment.

Light weight secure cells require less space than thick wall CMU or precast concrete cell construction. This results in a smaller geometric site foot print and lighter foundation requirements. Site work is performed by local trades while simultaneously, cells are being custom manufactured. Setting of cells is quickly accomplished using fork lifts or light cranes. Local trades are utilized for utility hookups. The use of modular cells can dramatically reduce completion time. Factory built cells reduce site traffic and greatly reduce safety issues associated with conventional construction.

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