Enosi Uses the Blockchain to Provide Affordable Clean Electricity to All, via a Decentralized Energy Grid

The Enosi Foundation (https://enosi.io/) announces today the launch of its open source, not-for-profit, blockchain based energy operating system, to challenge large energy companies with existing regulatory regimes, making the green energy space more efficient and transparent. Enosi levels the playing field in electricity retailing, thereby enabling communities, small businesses and startups to focus on value added clean energy.

Enosi has secured partnerships and agreements with various energy retailers and players in the industry including, California Clean Energy Foundation, Energy Locals, DC Power, Solar Analytics, Australian Photovoltaic Institute, and signed a cooperative research agreement with the University of New South Wales.

Electricity is the bedrock of modern day civilization, from cooking our food and heating our homes, to education and entertainment. However, there are problems associated with the energy sector, such as the rising costs and increased air pollution. To provide for the world’s growing energy demand, which underpins societal and technological progress, the Enosi Foundation has created a reliable and sustainable energy system for everyone. Enosi’s blockchain platform supports a new decentralised paradigm that alters the way we generate, transport, store and sell electricity.

Enosi transforms the energy market using the blockchain through a trusted and tokenized transaction platform. By commoditizing the components of the energy supply chain, broadening competition, and reducing barriers for entry, Enosi overcomes the inherent barriers to competition in the decentralised trading of renewable energy. This will lead to significantly lower costs in the sector. Enosi is opening up green energy adoption to the masses through community energy schemes where consumers are in control of their local electricity production and use..

Enosi’s open source blockchain operating system offers a variety of features to reduce costs and obstacles in the green energy market:

  • Enabling competition - Increasing competition within each segment of the supply chain by building a platform and providing tools that enable new entrants to participate in the market
  • Disaggregation - Separation of each segment in the electricity supply chain to allow the entry of more efficient market participants
  • Reducing regulations hurdles - Lowering the regulatory and establishment hurdles for new market entrants by providing a suite of automated “retailer-in-a-box” tools, adaptable for each region
  • Significantly lowering customer servicing costs - Lowering the overall cost for new energy retailers by partially automating the market procurement, settlement and compliance functions
  • Enabling new innovative technologies to monetize - Enabling new energy retailers (neo-retailers) to provide innovative electricity supply and billing arrangements for communities and niche market segments

“We’ve seen what treating the energy space as a monopoly can do to decentralised energy trading and sustainable energy,” said Steve Hoy, CEO of Enosi, “The sector is inundated with outdated and heavily regulated practices, which are met with minimal competition and innovation. Enosi will change all of that. The electricity industry is ripe for disruption, and Enosi’s new approach to support green community energy will bring about the much needed change that the industry's been waiting for.”


Steve Hoy, CEO
Bill Barden, COO

About the Enosi Foundation

The Enosi Foundation is building an open source blockchain-based Energy Operating System that enables communities and innovative startups to compete with large energy companies, in existing regulatory regimes. The platform facilitates wholesale energy procurement, risk management, community energy schemes, metering and billing and reconciliation. Enosi’s ultimate aim is to replace the middle-man in the selling and delivery of retail energy, thereby enabling communities, small businesses and startups to focus on value added clean energy.

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