Infobip Helps Consumers Pay Their Bills With Prompt Voice Technology

BOGOTA, Colombia, May 21, 2018 /PRNewswire/ --

Infobip, global communications platform for businesses, is leading the way in helping consumers pay their bills in time with the support of voice messaging alerts. Consumers are, through voice reminder messages, alerted by their financial institution about balance and payment obligations prior to its due date.

Financial institutions can through Infobip's OMNI solution, utilize a multitude of communications channels on one, single platform. Voice is one effective way of alerting their customers, chat app messages, SMS and in-app push messages are other ways to optimize messaging, payment confirmations and personal account data with their customers and clients.

Personal debt in Colombia is increasing. According to the Financial Superintendence of Colombia, the nation's household debt reached 62.9 billion USD in Jan 2018, a significant increase since 2016 where the household debt was less than 43 billion USD.

Financial institutions and collection agencies in Colombia are pleased with how the reminder voice technology help their customers and clients. Financial institutions such as Coprocenva Financiera has experienced a more efficient payment process using voice messaging alerts.  

"We should, as a nation, improve the management of household debt with effective methods and incentives supporting the challenges of people's everyday personal finances. A voice message can with ease be delivered to the customer. It's a prompt message, a quick reminder, essentially a call-to-action resulting in payment delivery in a more urgent manner. We are avoiding lowering credit scores and helping future investments," said Andres Sanchez, Director de Credito y Cartera de Coprocenva Financiera.

Silvio Kutic, CEO of Infobip foresees positive long-term effects of voice messaging technology used by financial institutions in Colombia.

"The reminder letters and personal phone calls are time consuming and labor heavy efforts for a collection agency or a bank. We are helping consumers manage their household debt with the power of voice messaging technology before the bills are in fact due, preventing decreased credit scores so important for future key purchases, mortgage loans and personal investments," said Silvio Kutic.

According to the association Invest in Bogota, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and Call Centers are growing rapidly in Colombia. Over 330 Contact Centers are employing more than 35 percent of the workforce in the sector.

More statistics on Colombia's household debt can be found Here [ ]

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