Aaptiv Brings In-Gym Boxing Fitness Experience to Everyone, Everywhere

Aaptiv Brings In-Gym Boxing Fitness Experience to Everyone, Everywhere

New collection of audio-guided boxing workouts will feature a program from George Foreman III's award-winning boxing gym, EverybodyFights®

NEW YORK, May 21, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Aaptiv, a leading provider of premium digital health and wellness content, delivered a knockout today with the launch of audio-guided boxing workout classes. The on-demand classes are available to Aaptiv's 200,000 members who can now train like a boxer, when and where it suits them.

Boxing workouts have seen a surge in popularity over the last few years thanks to their effectiveness in improving strength, endurance, and balance. Amateur boxing classes have attracted many celebrity fans, including supermodels and pro athletes, who are frequently spotted at boxing gyms in major cities. Now, with the release of audio-guided classes, Aaptiv has made high-quality boxing fitness accessible to everyone, everywhere.

To deliver an authentic "in-gym" experience, Aaptiv partnered with award-winning boxing gym EverybodyFights, founded by George Foreman III, son of the two-time Heavyweight Champion George Foreman Senior. EverybodyFights created a program based on a real fighter's cross training regimen that includes shadowboxing, bag work, strength training, cardio conditioning, and yoga. Aaptiv members have unlimited access to the exclusive program, which they can use for training at home or in a gym.

At Aaptiv, our mission is to empower everyone to live a healthier life, and today we're excited to further that mission," said Aaptiv CEO and founder Ethan Agarwal. "With the launch of our audio-guided boxing classes, Aaptiv members can experience the amazing benefits of boxing from experts who understand the sport like no one else. EverybodyFights trainers are the best in the world at creating effective boxing workouts that are also fun."

All of the EverybodyFights audio classes are led by the gym's certified instructors, including George Foreman III, who retired from professional boxing with a perfect 16-0 record.

"EverybodyFights helps unleash the inner fighter in everyone, at home and in the gym, and Aaptiv gives us the unique ability to make authentic boxing training accessible to the masses," said George Foreman III. "Bringing boxing to users through audio is a challenge that requires partnering with the best, and we knew Aaptiv was the perfect partner for EverybodyFights because they are the best."

Aaptiv's entire boxing collection is available now and includes comprehensive training on foundational boxing technique, high intensity workouts, fun and inspiring playlists, plus recovery and mindfulness for rest days.

To learn more and to download the app, visit Aaptiv.com.

About Aaptiv, Inc.
This is what fitness sounds like.(TM)

Aaptiv, Inc. is a leading provider of premium digital health and wellness content with a fast-growing community of more than 200,000 members who take on average 30,000 of Aaptiv's exclusive classes each day. With a mission to empower everyone to live a healthier life, Aaptiv has transformed the way people exercise and train through its innovative use of sound. Every Aaptiv class combines the guiding voice of an expert Aaptiv trainer with motivating music by top artists in every genre. This audio-based format eliminates distractions, allowing members to focus on their fitness goals, when and where it suits them.

Aaptiv members have unlimited, on-demand access to over 2,500 audio-guided classes across every type of exercise and a wide variety of activities, including running, strength-training, yoga, indoor cycling, meditation, and more. Aaptiv constantly provides members with fresh new content, adding 40 new classes every week. Each class is created by one of Aaptiv's 20 certified trainers who focus on goal attainment, encouragement, and positive reinforcement - emphasizing the importance of both mind and body strength in living a healthy life. Launched in 2015 by founder and CEO Ethan Agarwal, Aaptiv has over 80 employees in its New York office and has raised $30m from leading venture capital firms. To learn more and to download the app, visit Aaptiv.com.

About EverybodyFights
Train like a boxer. Live like a fighter. EverybodyFights features five class experiences based on a real fighter's training camp: BAGS (heavy bag classes), TRAIN (circuit classes), ROAD (treadmill classes), FIGHT (technique classes) and FLOW (recovery classes). Founded by George Foreman III and inspired by the soul of boxing, EverybodyFights has the grit of a traditional boxing gym delivered in the style of a luxury fitness studio. Whether you want to fight, or get into fighting shape, you can get it done at the King of Boxing Gyms.

Headquartered in Boston and founded in 2013, EverybodyFights has locations in Boston, New York, Chicago and Kentucky. In 2016, the company received a series-A investment from Breakaway and they're currently closing their series B round for nationwide expansion with over 16 new locations planned to open by 2021.

For more about EverybodyFights, please visit www.everybodyfights.com and follow EverybodyFights on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

About George Foreman III
George "Monk" Foreman III is an entrepreneur, boxing trainer/coach, and son of the legendary businessman and former two-time heavyweight champion George Foreman Sr. In addition to being his father's business manager for seven years, George spent his entire youth working at the George Foreman Youth & Community Center where he not only developed the habit of giving back but also honed his ability to effectively use boxing as a platform to effect change within the community. After earning a degree in kinesiology from Rice University, George went on to pursue his own professional boxing career in 2009 and finished with a perfect 16-0 record.

In 2013, George III founded a luxury boxing fitness gym called EverybodyFights, which now has locations in Boston, NYC and Chicago. In 2018, the company started their National expansion with over 22 new locations planned to open by 2022. George's mission is to use his background in boxing as a platform to teach the mental laws of fighting to as many people as possible. In 2013 he also published his first book "The Fighting Spirit" which includes his original 12 "Fight Laws" and his next title "The Mindful Fighter" will be released during the winter of 2019.

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