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Quantzig, a global analytics solutions provider, has announced the completion of their latest marketing mix optimization study on the soft drink beverage industry. A leading manufacturer of soft drink beverage wanted to align themselves with the strategic business planning process better and raise profit and shareholder value.

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Marketing Mix Optimization Helps A Leading Soft Drink Beverage Industry Client Increase Customer Vis ...

Marketing Mix Optimization Helps A Leading Soft Drink Beverage Industry Client Increase Customer Visibility. (Graphic: Business Wire)

According to the marketing mix optimization experts at Quantzig, “Marketing mix optimization solutions help food and beverage industry firms to find out the value of marketing activities and interactions while noticing the revenue and cost opportunities for the same.”

Increasing population, consumer preferences, and health awareness are the main growth drivers for the soft drink beverage industry. Within the global beverage industry, beer is anticipated to remain the largest segment by value. But, the growth in the consumption of non-alcoholic beverages by consumers, increasing per capita income, and population base of the young generation are the key driving forces that spur growth for the soft drink beverage segment.

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The marketing mix optimization solution presented by Quantzig helped the client to gain insights into the challenges of enhancing marketing mix, the benefits of leveraging digital channels in the marketing mix, and the future of marketing strategy development in organizations. The client was able to optimize their spend on marketing.

This marketing mix optimization solution provided benefits that helped the client to:

  • Track their media spend and sales
  • Improve their overall business performance
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This marketing mix optimization solution offered predictive insights on:

  • Developing marketing strategies that will help in increasing incremental sales
  • Improving conversions by identifying media channels that are effective and profitable
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