Neo Lights Holdings, Inc. Acquires Simkar Corporation

Neo Lights Holdings, Inc. Acquires Simkar Corporation

PHILADELPHIA, May 30, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Neo Lights Holdings, Inc., a renewable energy technology company developing and manufacturing LED technologies, smart sensors and networking systems, with innovative approaches to off-grid and on grid emergency management networked solutions, has completed the acquisition of Simkar Corporation. Simkar is an internationally known manufacturer of lighting products headquartered in Philadelphia, PA.

The combination of Neo Lights Holdings' innovative LED smart technology with off-grid solutions, and Simkar's world-class large scale lighting manufacturing capability, will allow the rapid deployment of new and innovative LED networked design products, as well as traditional lighting products to meet the various needs in the market place.

"We are truly excited about this acquisition. It is in line with our growth strategy and will allow us to expand our current product, and accelerate our LED smart technology into the market place," said Alfred Heyer, CEO of Neo Lights Holdings, Inc. "This is great news for our customers in the commercial, domestic, international, and government markets. We are especially enthusiastic about expanding US-based manufacturing."

The Company is planning to expand its North American manufacturing operations to produce new LED smart technology.

Neo Lights Holdings, Inc. is a privately held company headquartered in New York City. Neo Lights Holdings, Inc. is a market leader in new smart LED technology and has innovative new technology in LED sensors, networking, smart technologies, and off-grid technologies for domestic and international customers.

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