Speedcast Offers Unlimited Data and Double Bandwidth for "Endless Summer" Campaign

SYDNEY, June 7, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Speedcast International Limited (ASX: SDA), the world's most trusted provider of remote communication and IT solutions, today announced it will be offering two unique promotions on its new Ku-band connectivity services as part of its "Endless Summer" campaign. This promotion provides a cost-effective way for customers to try Speedcast Atlas(TM) and the four new VSAT plans.

As part of the introduction of the new Ku-band VSAT propositions for Speedcast Atlas, the Company is introducing two promotions. The first "Endless Summer" promotion is for Quota plans, while the second promotion covers all other VSAT plans: Guaranteed, Burst and Professional. Both promotions run through 2018.

The "Endless Summer" Quota promotion offers new customers six months of unlimited data on select Speedcast VSAT Quota Plans, with no overruns on usage. After six months, the normal selected Quota plan will apply.

The second "Endless Summer" promotion covers Speedcast's Guaranteed, Burst and Professional VSAT plans. All new Speedcast standard activations will receive a period of double bandwidth on their VSAT subscriptions. Customers will have two options: Signing a one-year contract yields double the committed bandwidth for the first three months of the contract, while signing a three-year contract yields double the committed bandwidth for the remainder of 2018.

"We're excited to announce the 'Endless Summer' campaign and give people a taste of what our new VSAT services can do as a key component of our managed service, Speedcast Atlas," said Tim Bailey, Executive Vice President, Products, Marketing & Business Development, Speedcast. "This is a perfect, cost-effective opportunity for customers to make the switch to Speedcast Atlas and our strong Ku-band VSAT services. As part of Speedcast's Atlas managed service, our four new Ku-band propositions will meet any customer's communication requirements and the 'Endless Summer' promotion provides the opportunity to experience the power of Speedcast Atlas."

Each of the new Ku-band solutions are offered with a guaranteed minimum Committed Information Rate (CIR). These solutions will help a customer to choose the best flavor of Ku-band connectivity to run applications and meet the onboard crew and business needs.

Standard features of the new connectivity services as part of our managed service, Speedcast Atlas include:

Quota - a metered VSAT service sold in a gigabyte (GB) packages up to a 30 GB plan. Quota can be extended to the entire fleet: Fleet Quota is offered in 50GB, 75GB or 100 GB plans to allow for a fleet of vessels to share the GBs throughout the month.
Burst - provides a guaranteed minimum CIR with a higher maximum information rate (MIR).
- a CIR only service when minimum bandwidth is required. Specific applications and data transfers require a minimum guaranteed bandwidth to ensure the application is running or the data transfer occurs with unlimited usage throughout the month.
Professional - can be tailored to meet all onboard requirements. Professional customers have the opportunity to choose from a wide variety of service levels all with a CIR and MIR.

To contact Speedcast about this promotion, visit http://events.speedcast.com/summer18.

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