Inventive Marketing Firm, Impact Horsepower, Promises Gyms Explosive Growth With New Service

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., June 23, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Impact Horsepower, led by heralded Internet marketer Dante McClain, is disrupting the traditional fitness business with an innovative lead generation solution. The company's selling point - and track record - is being able to attract 30-50 fresh paying members to almost any gym within 30 days.

While the typical fitness business is barely dipping a toe in the water of Internet marketing, instead opting for more traditional methods, Dante McClain and his team is showing them that the Internet isn't just the future of marketing - it's also the present.

"What we're seeing now in the marketplace is the tail end of a revolution. The dust has settled, the landscape has changed, and the Internet is king," McClain states.

"Let's look at two real world examples. First there's Blockbuster Video. This is a store that fought against Internet adoption at every turn, expecting consumer trends to stay stagnant forever. And guess what, they were bankrupt within 2 years of Netflix's launch. When the last time you saw a Blockbuster?" McClain jokes.

"Now let's look at Amazon. They just wanted to be a bookseller when they started out. Instead of shying away from the Internet, they dove in head first, making it the cornerstone of their operation. And have you seen their stock prices lately?"

Dante McClain is a self-stated proponent of using Internet marketing in non-technical verticals, most notably the fitness industry. His newest venture, Impact Horsepower (Impact HP for short) aims to dispel the confusion that clouds online lead generation for gyms by offering a "done-for-you" solution that gym owners can utilize without any technical learning curve.

From targeting the ads, to managing the creative, to nurturing the leads, to optimizing conversions, Impact HP boasts that it takes all the guesswork out of online marketing so owners can grow gym revenue quickly and easily.

Impact HP also gives gym staff the training they need to appropriately convert incoming leads into paying members, offering one-on-one closing scripts and sales certifications so the entire marketing cycle is leak-proof.

"Fifty new members can be a huge tidal wave for some gyms. Even though the owners want to make money, sometimes they just don't have the processes in place to grow their gym that fast. So while we launch the ad campaigns, we also train them so they're ready for that revenue spike when it hits. That way, we get long-term results, not just a flash in the pan," noted Mikala Parsons, vice president and operations manager of Impact HP beneath Dante McClain.

Further, Impact HP's online interface, Impact Dashboard, sends out automated texts and reminders to members and prospects, integrating with a gym's existing database. Member management, billing and contract signing can all be managed through the dashboard, accessible via computer or smart phone.

Beyond its innovative strategy to grow gym memberships, Impact HP has pledged to help those in need as well. Impact HP donates a percentage of all revenue to the Pencils of Promise organization, a non-profit that builds and manages schools in third-world countries.

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