New WatchGuard Firebox M270 Processes Traffic up to 82% Faster than Competitors

SEATTLE, Aug. 2, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- WatchGuard® Technologies, a leader in advanced network security solutions, today announced the Firebox® M270 Unified Threat Management (UTM) appliance. The M270 replaces the M200 as WatchGuard's smallest rack-mounted Firebox. New Intel Atom processors with QuickAssist Technology (QAT) give the M270 significant performance, which enables it to run all the security services offered in WatchGuard's Total Security Suite. This includes the new IntelligentAV AI-based antivirus service just released in Fireware® version 12.2, as well as DNSWatch and Access Portal, which were introduced in the last year. According to independent testing by Miercom, the M270 becomes the industry's fastest entry-level rack-mounted appliance when running full UTM services, outperforming competitive products by up to 82%.

"Organizations of all sizes need enterprise-grade security solutions like the M270 capable of processing the ever-rising tide of encrypted HTTPS traffic with industry-leading throughput," said Brendan Patterson, vice president of product management at WatchGuard Technologies. "With 58% of data breach victims in 2017 classified as small businesses by the Verizon Data Breach Investigation Report, security is as much of a business imperative for small and midsize organizations as it is for larger enterprises. The M270 offers the protection of the most advanced security services for our customers, no matter their size."

Like all WatchGuard appliances, the M270 comes with WatchGuard Dimension, which provides a suite of big data visibility and reporting tools that instantly identify and distill key network security threats, issues and trends so you can take immediate preventive or corrective action. Predefined reports for HIPAA and PCI compliance are included.


The M270 was confirmed by Miercom, a leading independent network testing and certification lab, to be the fastest entry-level rack-mounted appliance when running full UTM services for both encrypted and unencrypted traffic, allowing users to rest easy knowing they won't need to choose between network speed and enterprise-grade security. When identifying competitive equipment for this report, Miercom selected rack-mount appliances that were closest in price (MSRP) to the Firebox M270, but due to lack of strong competition, in many cases this required choosing a model that was a closer equivalent price to the WatchGuard Firebox M370.

    --  The M270 offered the highest throughput of unencrypted traffic with all
        UTM services enabled at 1.2 Gbps, outperforming competitive products by
        at least 28%
    --  The M270 offered the fastest inspection of encrypted traffic with full
        UTM services enabled, outperforming the closest competitive product by
        11% and farthest by 82%


    --  Intel 4 core Atom processor with QuickAssist Technology
    --  4 Gb RAM Memory
    --  8 1 Gb Ethernet ports
    --  Runs the newly-released Fireware OS version 12.2
    --  Appropriate for networks with up to 60 users

The Firebox M270 is available now. Find more information on the M270 here.


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    --  Firebox M270 Web page
    --  Firebox M270 Datasheet

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