Desalination & Water Sector Report, 2018 Edition -

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Desalination is one of many technologies for water supply. In 2018 desalination accounted for 13.9% of the capex for municipal and industrial water supply and the cumulative desalination plants delivered less than 1% of the supply of water. It is the most expensive form of delivering fresh water and it can cause serious environmental damage with discharges of brine into inland seas. So, when is it viable?

Desalination is sometimes the only solution for water supply in very demanding circumstances, either of water shortage or when ultra pure water is required for industrial process.

This report positions desalination in the maze of water flows and treatment technologies for water and waste, and examines competitive technologies.

Key Topics Covered:

1. The World's Water Supply, Consumption And Pollution

2. Desalination And The Wider Water Market

3. Water Pollution

4. Municipal Wastewater Treatment

5. Agricultural Wastewater Treatment

6. Industrial Wastewater Treatment

7. Desalination Technologies

8. Renewable Energy Powered Desalination

9. Costs Of Desalination

10. Future Technologies

11. Peak Salt - Environmental Impact Of Desalination

12. Water Types

13. Global Desalination Market

14. National Desalination Markets - Middle East

15. National Desalination Markets - Africa

16. National Desalination Markets - Asia

17. National Desalination Markets - The Stans

18. National Desalination Markets - Pacific

19. National Desalination Markets - Americas

20. National Desalination Markets - Europe

21. Water & Waste Treatment And Desalination Companies

  • Suez
  • Veolia Environnement
  • SAUR Group-Societ d'Amnagement Urbain et Rural

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