In July 2018, General Vision, US AI Chip Manufacturer, Established Joint Venture, RoboSensing, Inc. in Hawaii with Japanese IoT Product Manufacturer, mtes Neural Networks, to Jointly Accelerate AI Chip and IoT Technology Development

In July 2018, AI chip development venture, General Vision, Inc.(“GV”), and IoT technology development venture, mtes Neural Networks Co., Ltd.(“mtesNN”), have established a joint venture, RoboSensing, Inc.(“RS”) in Hawaii, U.S.A.
In September, 2018, Tokyo branch of RS is expected to be set up within the office of mtesNN. mtesNN and RS will jointly develop AI chip and IoT technology and provide the edge AI solution1.

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CEO Matthew Kobayashi (Photo: Business Wire)

CEO Matthew Kobayashi (Photo: Business Wire)

GV and mtesNN have been developing the neuromorphic AI chip2 which can be installed in the sensors for IoT solution based upon MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) executed in January 2018. Current AI and IoT solution assume the usage of cloud AI and GPU (Graphics Processing Unit). As IoT is expected to progress at an increasing tempo, there is a concern that the load of cloud system and energy usage to be increased greatly.

RS will install the neuromorphic AI chip which has been jointly developing with GV and mtesNN into sensors. As sensors themselves implement the data processing by edge AI, it will ease the load of cloud system. As sensors with AI chip are connected each other as Robot to Robot (R2R) thru blockchain technology development, RS will aim to develop Cloudless IoT Platform by edge AI.

RS will establish AI academy in Hawaii and Tokyo and train engineers for AI, IoT, and Blockchain technology.

While the existing AI and IoT system in the past, there have been issues of electricity consumption, velocity of information processing, and length of information transmission, RS will aim to dramatically improve these issues in the year of 2020.

*1 edge AI: edge generally means the cutting side of a blade, but the word here indicates the sensors and the devises such as smartphone which lie the opposite side of cloud.
*2 neuromorphic AI chip: semiconductor specialized for edge AI which achieved to predominantly little consumption electricity based upon the architecture by resembling human brain


RoboSensing, Inc.

Name of Company :   RoboSensing, Inc.
Representative : CEO Matthew Kobayashi
Establishment : July, 2018
Capital : US$4.615 million
Address : 1199 Bishop Street, Suite 1202 Honolulu, HI
Business : neuromorphic AI chip development
development of AI and IoT sensor, distribution of edge AI solution
engineer training for AI, IoT, and Blockchain technology

General Vision, Inc.

Name of Company :   General Vision, Inc.
Representative : CEO Guy Paillet
Address : 1150 Industrial Avenue, Suite #A Petaluma, CA 94952
HP :


mtes Neural Networks Co., Ltd.

Name of Company :   mtes Neural Networks Co., Ltd.
Representative : CEO & President Takaro Harada
Establishment : March, 2015
Capital : 715,575,000 JPY
Address : 11/F, TOC Bldg., 7-22-17 Nishi-Gotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
Business : IoT Platform Business
EHM(Energy Health Monitoring) Business
HHM(Human Health Monitoring) Business
SHM(Structural Health Monitoring) Business
HP :

Press Room :