Dialogic and Others Collaborate with United Nation's ESBN Youth & Women Entrepreneurship Taskforce to Bring Unified Communications to Underserved Asian Entrepreneurs

PARSIPPANY, N.J., Sept. 11, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Dialogic, a cloud-optimized applications and infrastructure solutions provider for service providers, enterprises, and developers, Incipio a startup facilitator and accelerator in the communication technology, software, and service industry, and HOT TELECOM, the leading telecom consulting company providing premier quality advisory services to the international telecom community, today announced their collaboration with the UN's ESBN Youth & Women Entrepreneurship Taskforce, which promotes business leapfrogging and economic growth of young and women entrepreneurs from ESCAP (Economic and Social Committee for Asia and the Pacific) Member States by establishing and expanding entrepreneurial ecosystems. This in line with the 2030 Sustainable Agenda and associated Sustainable Development Goals as the overarching value system of ESBN.

One of the most underserved markets in the Asia Pacific region is that comprising micro and small businesses, which, according to the UN, represent 99% of all firms and 50% of the region's GDP output. Dialogic, Incipio, and HOT TELECOM are collaborating with the ESBN Youth and Women Entrepreneurship taskforce to deliver a sustainable business solution tailored to this market.

Project KYSS - Kickstart Your Startup and SME Success Story - offers the Dialogic BUZZ(TM) Unified Communications (UC) Platform using commercial models and technology that allow service providers to address the proper connectivity and sophisticated real-time communications tools needed by entrepreneurs to fuel their growth.

Dialogic BUZZ is an instant message (IM)-centric UC platform that covers the collaboration requirements for audio, video calling, and conferencing and allows full mobility via mobile, desktop, and web clients, all critical for startups in an early stage.
"I am very proud that Dialogic, through this project, is actively contributing to the UN 2030 Sustainable Agenda and associated Sustainable Development Goals to help promote economic growth in the Asia Pacific region," said Bill Crank, President and CEO of Dialogic. "To date, the pricing models and technology offered by UC providers were not tailored for small business. Dialogic BUZZ changes that. With a phased offering, businesses can add the services they need when they need them, while the financial interests of service providers are still preserved."

"I personally understand the challenges startups face accessing the right tools at an early stage," said Miguel Lopes, VP of Product Line Management at Dialogic. "I am incredibly excited that Dialogic is part of this initiative that will undoubtedly benefit small and medium businesses while creating a new opportunity for service providers. Real-time communications and collaboration are essential for any organization to thrive and grow."

With the licensing models being offered by Dialogic with BUZZ, service providers can go to market with a unique per-seat package combining connectivity and UCaaS, while maintaining an acceptable Average Margin Per User (AMPU). Optional Dialogic BUZZ features, such as AI integration or fraud detection based on machine learning, offer a potential upsell once a startup reaches a stage that it needs these types of features.

"We're delighted to collaborate with Dialogic, Incipio, and HOT TELECOM on Project KYSS as a way to help micro and small businesses in the region succeed by enabling access and affordable options to UC platforms that previously were inaccessible to them," said Pedro Eloy, Chairman of ESBN Youth and Women Entrepreneurship taskforce. "Programs like this are pivotal to provide startups and small/medium sized businesses access to a variety of present and upcoming technology-based tools needed to thrive in today's digital society."

"Service providers who take advantage of this program will reap many benefits," added Isabelle Paradis, President, HOT TELECOM. "Not only will they have exciting services to address a new growing target market at minimal risk, but they will also have the power of our marketing services behind them. HOT TELECOM will not only promote the solution to the industry through articles, interviews, and market insight piece, but also provide startup insight and knowledge."

For more information, watch the interview by Isabelle Paradis of Miguel Lopes on the KYSS initiative and how it can address the telecom needs of micro startups while benefiting service providers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YVL1zW4LnHA.

To learn more about Dialogic BUZZ from our experts, see us at Mobile World Congress Americas 2018 in Los Angeles, California from September 12-14 in West Hall, Level 2, Room 515-F. For more on the event, or to book a meeting, visit: https://web.dialogic.com/mwc-americas-2018. Also visit the Dialogic website for more information on Dialogic BUZZ at https://www.dialogic.com/buzz.

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About ESBN Youth and Women Entrepreneurship Taskforce

The ESBN Taskforce on Youth and Women Entrepreneurship promotes business leapfrogging and economic growth of young and women entrepreneurs from ESCAP 53 member & 9 associate member states by establishing and expanding entrepreneurial ecosystems. It does so by leading and collaborating with a variety of programs and initiatives that foster innovation, business opportunities, gender equality, environmental sustainability and social inclusiveness such as entrepreneurial cross-geography/discipline competitions, capacity building programs, public-private sector initiatives and digital platforms for the benefit of the current and upcoming generations of young entrepreneurs.

The taskforce is comprised of recognized experts in relevant areas that wish to contribute to its mission. Values, scope and modalities are intrinsically aligned with the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as the overarching value system of ESBN.

To learn more about ESBN Youth & Women Entrepreneurship Taskforce, visit the following pages:

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