amg International GmbH Performs First Clinical Cases in Europe with New Biodegradable Biliary/Pancreatic Stent Since Receiving CE Mark in June

DUBLIN, Sept. 13, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- amg International GmbH (amg), a wholly owned subsidiary of Dublin, Ireland based Q3 Medical Devices Limited (Q3), announced that several clinical cases were performed in Europe with ARCHIMEDES, its new fully biodegradable biliary/pancreatic stent. The ARCHIMEDES biodegradable stent is deployed in the same manner as its traditional plastic counterpart, however, as a biodegradable implant it has the added benefit of eliminating the secondary implant removal procedure that the estimated 1.5 million annually placed plastic stents require. The biodegradable nature of the ARCHIMEDES stent allows patients to avoid the cost and complications associated with traditional plastic stents.

The ARCHIMEDES Biodegradable Biliary/Pancreatic Stent is currently the first and only, fully biodegradable stent approved for placement in obstructed biliary or pancreatic ducts in the world. While biliary and pancreatic duct stents are typically made of plastic or metal, amg's ARCHIMEDES stent is made of a combination of dissolving materials permitting different rates of degradation depending on the clinical indication. The ARCHIMEDES stent is designed to completely degrade via hydrolysis in approximately 12 days, 20, days or 11 weeks, depending on its composition. The stent is designed to maintain duct patency, without occlusion as it degrades, due to its patented design. Occlusion is a common problem with traditional stents and according to literature, may occur up to 30% of the time.

The first European clinical cases were completed across five sites in Spain, Italy, and Finland. In Spain, cases were performed by Dr. Manuel Perez-Miranda at the Hospital Universitario Rio Hortega in Valladolid, Spain and by Dr. Miguel Ángel Simón Marco and Dr. Julio Ducóns García at the Hospitals Quirónsalud Zaragoza in Zaragoza, Spain. In Italy several cases were completed in Milan by Dr. Andrea Anderloni and Dr. Alessandro Repici at Humanitas University and by Dr. Francesco Di Matteo at the Campus Biomedico di Romo in Rome. The initial cases in Finland were performed by Dr. Leena Kylanpaa and her team at the Meilahti Tower Hospital in Helsinki.

The cases varied showing the versatility of the ARCHIMEDES, ranging from prophylactic placement alongside a traditional metal biliary stent as a bridge to surgery for a patient with a large mass in the lower bile duct to serial placement for a patient in order to effectively drain the common bile duct following stone removal, and also to maintain patency of a choledochal stenosis following the removal of metal stent that had migrated into the duodenum.

"It's not just about saving money, though the ARCHIMEDES does that," said Dr. Kylanpaa, "it's also about the saving of the patient's time and that of the doctor's that is equally important [SIC] by not having to bring the patient back for the removal of the stent."

Dr. Alessandro Repici remarked, "This innovative, cutting-edge technology has the potential to resolve many unmet needs in the field of benign/malignant conditions."

"The initial clinical cases completed across Europe by these renowned physicians really showed the versatility and potential benefit of the ARCHIMEDES biodegradable stent across a wide variety of case types," said Eric K. Mangiardi, President and CEO of Q3 Medical Devices Limited. "Our goal in the development of the ARCHIMEDES Biodegradable Stent, as well as the other bioresorbable products in our portfolio, is to provide doctors with a revolutionary tool to truly help their patients while potentially minimizing known complications with the existing technology."

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