Rite-Solutions Wins Bronze in Chief Learning Officer's 2018 Learning in Practice Award

MIDDLETOWN, R.I., Oct. 6, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Rite-Solutions took home bronze, after being selected as a finalist, from several hundred entries, at the prestigious Chief Learning Officer (CLO) 2018 Learning in Practice (LIP) awards held on October 2nd at the CLO Fall 2018 Symposium in Houston.

A panel of learning development professionals from across the industry awarded Rite-Solutions bronze in the Excellence in Blended Learning category based on a global sales and marketing, learning and performance initiative created for The Boeing Company.

"The solution developed for Boeing uses a combination of instructional systems design strategies such as eLearning, on-the-job performance support, and a classroom facilitated workshop," explains Mike Callahan, Vice President of Commercial Markets at Rite-Solutions.

Different training methods enable Boeing to achieve learning outcomes at different stages in the program. "The flexibility of how the content is delivered helps participants get the most out of the training," adds Callahan.

Critical training content, delivered as a capstone event in a team environment, gives employees the opportunity to apply what they learned to real-world simulations. "Collaborating with our counterparts at Boeing, we analyzed successful sales pursuits to determine the best practices. We then converted those practices into a targeted training curriculum," says Callahan.

Other content is delivered as a primer to the capstone event. These courses are delivered via web-based modules and also serve as point-of-need support after the program is completed.

Additionally, the Boeing program was praised by CLO for its use of business metrics that could be attributed back to the curriculum. "We developed a solution for Boeing that is ultimately focused on a demonstrated application of what the employees learn," says Callahan. "It's results oriented by design."

Underscoring the significance of the program, Boeing executives personally facilitate many of the components of the capstone session. "It's another example of why Boeing is continually regarded as a leader among the Fortune 500. We were honored to have been part of the effort," noted Callahan.

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Photographs are available on: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1dTNly2oVmv3DkHmrpLdNoJk8p94u8GNm?usp=sharing. Group image includes (L to R) Catriona Barbato, Judy Loftin and Mike Callahan from Rite-Solutions. Please use credits in filename.

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