Koble Receives Malaysian Digital Business Award from Malaysian Digital Chamber of Congress

BOSTON, Oct. 17, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Koble, a leading global business matchmaking platform, was awarded for Excellence in Social Networking Platform at the third annual Digital Economy Forum, put on by the Malaysian Digital Chamber of Commerce. Koble launched in Malaysia in September as a part of Celcom's Business Solutions Portfolio and through an exclusive Asia-wide partnership with Axiata Business Services Sdn. Bhd.

Since its launch in Malaysia, the Koble platform has enabled Malaysian business professionals to discover, connect and facilitate business deals with clients and suppliers around the world. Recognizing a need to improve upon current business-to-business (B2B) networks that are designed solely for building personal brands, the Koble platform combines the power of social networking with the intelligence of anonymous and AI-powered matchmaking to improve relationship management for both qualified buyers and sellers looking to grow their businesses.

Digital Economy Forum aims to recognize the success of businesses taking advantage of digital technology to find new opportunities. The event brings key Malaysian players together to share insights and strategies to better leverage the opportunities a digital economy brings. The Forum is put on by the Malaysia Digital Chamber of Commerce (MDCC), a non-governmental organization who is at the forefront of promoting Digital Economy in Malaysia.

"We're thrilled to be given this award by the MDCC," said Fabrice Saporito, Koble Founder, and CEO. "I believe the Koble app will quickly become the go-to social networking platform for Malaysian businesses as they seek to discover and make deals with new customers all over the world."

The theme of this year's forum is "Bringing The New Era To You Through e-Commerce," and will touch on the blockchain, e-Wallet, smart supply chain logistics, Last Mile, fulfillment, cyber security and cross-border trade. It seems fitting, then, that Koble, a business matchmaking platform that makes it easier for small businesses to connect with other companies domestically and across borders, to find new buyers and suppliers, was awarded for Excellence in Social Networking Platform for Business.

"In the past, businesses in Malaysia have often depended on in-person networking to make business deals and find new customers, but Koble gives local businesses of all sizes the ability to do business with people all over the world," said G U Renukanand, Head of APAC at Koble. "I think we're going to see a lot of Malaysian businesses grow because of it."

Unlike existing professional networks designed solely for building personal brands, Koble combines the power of social networking with the intelligence of anonymous and AI-powered matchmaking to enable small businesses to focus on discovering, connecting and facilitating business deals with clients and buyers around the world.

The Koble platform, accessible on the web at Koble.com, and through the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store, is currently used by professionals working with GE, Oracle, Harley Davidson, AXA, Sprint, Carlsberg and thousands of SMEs seeking to do business globally.

About Koble

Koble is a business-to-business (B2B) matchmaking platform that is reimagining the way larger companies and smaller businesses connect. The Koble platform is a buyer-friendly community that encourages business professionals like you to use content to spark genuine conversations and mutually beneficial engagements. Matches between business buyers and sellers are created through the Koble platform and the Koble mobile application when a user shows interest in the content posted by another user or by viewing a company profile page. By improving upon current B2B social networks and platforms that are designed solely for building personal brands, businesses on Koble see message response rates twice as high as the response rates on other professional networks and click-through rates more than five times the industry average.

Koble is headquartered in Boston. To learn how Koble can help you make more valuable business connections, visit http://www.koble.com.