Watergen's Water From Air Technology Wins CES 2019 Best Technology and Innovation Award

MIAMI, Nov. 9, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Watergen announced today that it has won a CES 2019 Best of Innovation Award for the Genny, an Atmospheric Water Generator. The announcement was made during CES Unveiled NY, an invite-only tech event bringing together top media, exhibitors and industry leaders for a sneak peek of the products and trends expected at CES January 2019, Las Vegas NV.

An annual program that celebrates outstanding design, the CES innovation Awards recognizes honorees across 28 product categories. An elite panel of judges, including designers, engineers and members of the tech media, reviews submissions based on design, functionality, consumer appeal, engineering and how the products compare with competition. Those products received the highest ratings in their respective product categories.

Using patented technology from Israel and manufactured in America, Watergen distributes large and medium scale water generators, emergency response vehicles, and the home and office unit. Their mobile units are able to provide clean drinking water in hard to reach areas around the globe.

A small home and office water generator, the GENNY, generates 25 to 30 liters per day. The machines only need electric infrastructure to operate and can be installed anywhere.

The medium scale generator, GEN-350 can produce an average of 600 liters of clean drinking water per day. A large-scale unit can extract up to 5000 liters per day. It is designed to provide water to approximately 2500 people per day.

Yehuda Kaploun, President of Watergen USA says, "As the world's water crisis worsens due to a lack of clean drinking water, Watergen stands ready with its revolutionary technology to provide safe clean drinking water to the world. This week, numerous cities in the US have found dangerous levels of lead and other toxins in the water. Watergens technology alleviates these issues in our major cities."

"We know our product is unique and is the only atmospheric water generator that was willing to undergo the EPA's rigorous testing. We have already worked with US government agencies after disasters to assist people with clean water and in reducing the use of plastic bottles around the globe," said Ed Russo, CEO Watergen USA

The Executive Chairman of Watergen, Maxim Pasik stated, "This product will revolutionize the way drinking water is delivered in homes around the globe. No longer will you need to carry five gallon water jugs into your home or office. Our plug and play unit is the clear efficient solution. We are pleased the CES committee recognized the uniqueness of our product line."

Fresh drinking water continues to be humanity's biggest challenge. Watergen's innovative technology taps into the air around us as the solution, which is an unlimited resource for fresh water. The products are completely independent, requiring no infrastructure except electricity making it usable by anyone.

Watergen is currently providing its life saving innovative drinking water solution to the US, Mexico, India, Vietnam, Brazil, South Africa, Russia and China. During the 2017 and 2018 hurricanes in Texas and Florida, Watergen worked with the American Red Cross and Federal Emergency Management Agencies (FEMA) to deliver clean drinking water to the communities where much of the supply of potable water was contaminated.

CES 2019 will showcase life-changing technology across every major industry featuring 4,500 exhibitors.

"Watergen was honored with this award in a very competitive arena for its mission to bring clean water to humanity around the world. Many of our new, innovative technological advances will be unveiled at the CES show this January, which will please and delight the attendees." Michael Mirilashvili, President, Watergen

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