ARK® Crystal Releases Limited Edition Pendant

IRVINE, Calif., Nov. 15, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- ARK Crystal LLC, a private wearable technology provider and the exclusive manufacturer of the ARK® crystal, has released a limited-edition Advanced Resonance Kinetics (ARK®) crystal pendant as part of its wearable technology line. The ARK® crystal is a precision-engineered quartz crystal technology that greatly boosts the body's natural ability to attune with the vitalistic and expansive zero-point field of the quantum vacuum.

The new armless pendant is a lighter and more refined version of the original which incorporates the same titanium matte finish with polished triangle accents representing the underlying geometry of spacetime, which is the foundational principal of ARK® crystal technology. As the name implies, the arms featured on the original have been removed which both streamlines and lightens the pendant providing a more elegant experience while wearing the ARK® crystal for an evening out, a group meditation or other gathering.

"ARK Crystal combines technology and beauty in a lightweight, elegant, easy to wear design," said Chris Almida CEO, ARK Crystal. "This new pendant is the perfect addition to the growing ARK® crystal line and is the direct result of our customers feedback expressing the need for a lighter more elegant alternative to the original pendant"

The ARK® crystal limited edition pendant is available online here for $200 (USD).

ABOUT the ARK® crystal
ARK® crystals have been precision engineered so that they will couple to vacuum fluctuations when brought into molecular harmonic resonance interactions via the acoustic, electromechanical, and electromagnetic plasma oscillator of the HFR. Following the unified physics principles of inventor and physicist Nassim Haramein, a precise dimensional ratio was found in which the tetrahedral ARK® crystals would form optimal harmonic resonances with vacuum-coupling acoustic and electromagnetic frequencies. These structural and dimensional characteristics appear to endow the ARK® crystals with a profound ability to link with the nonlocal entanglement network and energetic dynamics of the quantum vacuum.

ARK Crystal LLC was formed in 2017 as a subsidiary of Torus Tech LLC the private research and development company founded by Nassim Haramein. ARK Crystal LLC is the exclusive manufacturer of the ARK crystal and exclusive licensee of the Torus Tech Harmonic Flux Resonator technology for the use of charging quartz crystal. For more information please visit

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