Genesis Water Technologies Secures New Contracts With Release of New Municipal Domestic Wastewater Reuse Video Using Advanced 3D Animation

MAITLAND, Fla., Nov. 19, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Genesis Water Technologies, Inc., a USA-based global leader of innovative and sustainable water treatment solutions for drinking water, process water, and waste water applications, is proud to have released this week its new municipal domestic wastewater reuse video. It has already been instrumental in securing contracts for the firm. This video focuses on the GWT modular process train approach of its domestic wastewater reuse systems (DWRS); it has the potential to significantly increase non potable water supplies while meeting regulatory requirements, concerns about water scarcity and the push toward sustainability.

Approximately 12 billion gallons of municipal wastewater effluent is discharged each day to an ocean or estuary out of the 32 billion gallons per day discharged in the USA alone. Reusing these coastal discharges would directly increase available water resources (equivalent to approximately 6 percent of the estimated total U.S. water use, or 27 percent of the public supply).

This video showcases Genesis Water Technologies' innovative domestic water reuse solutions with flexible flow rate capabilities to assist its municipal clients throughout the US and across the world to harness this resource and meet the challenges faced by water scarcity and increase regulatory requirements. This cost efficient reuse solution can be integrated into existing systems or designed for new plant construction to allow for non-potable reuse applications that yield cost savings.

The new video introduced for global viewing in English is available for viewing on the Genesis Water Technologies Youtube Channel or via the video tab on the company's website at

Quote: "Water reclamation for non potable applications is well accepted, with system designs and treatment technologies that are generally accepted by communities, practitioners, and regulatory authorities. The GWT DWRS process approach integrating specialized electrocoagulation technology moves water reclamation up a notch."

Prospective small & mid sized communities, municipalities and civil engineering partners across the world are strongly encouraged to view this new video and sign up for Genesis Water Technologies mailing list on their Contact Us page.

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Genesis Water Technologies, Inc. is a global specialized water treatment solutions company focused on providing innovative, sustainable water treatment, waste water treatment & reuse solutions for industrial and municipal applications. Their specialized solutions assist commercial, industrial, and governmental clients worldwide to save money, reduce water borne disease, and optimize their water treatment processes in a sustainable manner. Genesis Water Technologies is dedicated to listening and responding to their clients requirements and providing specialized solutions to serve these needs.

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