Blue Mesa Health Inc. Launches Chinese, Arabic, and Portuguese Linguistic Cultural Adaptations of its CDC-recognized Diabetes Prevention Program in California in Advance of Medi-Cal Program Reimbursement

SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 10, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Blue Mesa Health Inc. ("Blue Mesa"), a global digital therapeutics company with headquarters in New York, Vancouver, São Paulo and Dubai, announced today that its Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) "Transform" will be available in Chinese, Portuguese and Arabic translations in California and worldwide starting Q2 2019. The English- and Spanish-language versions of the program have achieved the highest possible form of recognition in the CDC's Diabetes Prevention Recognition Program (DPRP), indicating that Blue Mesa has proven it can deliver an effective Type 2 Diabetes prevention program using a remote or 'virtual' method. As part of the recognition process, Blue Mesa submitted outcomes data directly to the CDC over a period of two years.

Blue Mesa is a digital or 'virtual' provider of the Transform program, which signifies that the program is delivered remotely using a combination of home health monitoring technology, a smartphone companion app and remote coaching services. This program is the first digital program to offer a fully immersive Spanish-language experience for people in the Hispanic and Latino/a communities, via a Spanish-language program: Transformemos. The Transformemos program is based on the CDC's official Prevenga El T2 Spanish-language curriculum. Cultural adaptations of the program have already launched in international markets in Latin America and elsewhere.

"I continue to be incredibly bullish on the fundamental principle of meeting people where they are -- culturally and in the language they speak in the home, at work, at the supermarket, corner store or bodega, online and with their friends -- for example, anyone who has ever struggled with lifestyle change during Ramadan should get in touch with us!" said Curtis Duggan, Chief Executive Officer of Blue Mesa Health. "We continue to build a chronic disease prevention and management platform that can address hundreds of millions of people facing chronic disease in the USA and worldwide. We are so thrilled that the decision-makers in California have moved forward with reimbursement for this much-needed preventive program. We will be able to address even more diverse populations across the state of California and across North America."

Blue Mesa Health Inc. ("Blue Mesa") released its digital Diabetes Prevention Program Transform in 2015. The program is designed to address the problem of rising chronic disease-related health costs in the US, where one-half of all individuals are either prediabetic or diabetic. The goal of the program is for participants to lose approximately 5-7% of their body weight and in doing so reduce their type 2 diabetes risk by 58%.

Blue Mesa Health will commercially release programs adapted from the US DPP in international markets in 2019, with planned launches in Mexico, South America, the Gulf Region, and East Asia.

About Blue Mesa Health Inc.

"Blue Mesa" is a digital therapeutics company with headquarters in New York, NY. Blue Mesa provides a digital therapeutics program based on the CDC's landmark National Diabetes Prevention Program. In the United States, employers, health plans, accountable care organizations, hospital systems are recognizing the return on investment provided by culturally tailored and digitally delivered preventive health programs. National health systems, payers and employers in international jurisdictions are increasingly seeing the value in culturally specific chronic disease prevention programs and strategies. Blue Mesa has raised venture funding from Nimbus Synergies Inc., Pallasite Ventures, Stanley Park Ventures Inc., publicly traded technology firm Mobio Technologies Inc. and other investors.

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