Article Goes the Extra Mile with Final-Mile Delivery

Digitally native furniture and home decor brand launches in-house delivery program

VANCOUVER, Jan. 24, 2019 /PRNewswire/ - Today, Article announced the launch of its in-house delivery program, Article Delivery Team (ADT), in an effort to further improve the quality of the end to end shopping experience. The rapidly growing furniture brand now operates final-mile delivery teams in Los Angeles and New York.

The delivery of large items is notoriously complex, which often results in a frustrating experience for the customer. By owning delivery, Article can rapidly iterate and improve the delivery experience based on customer comments, and in turn, reduce negative feedback and escalations to customer support while maintaining efficient transit times. Negative feedback has been reduced by as much as 83 percent in ADT pilot program service areas. Further, ADT reduced average delivery time by two days compared to outsourced delivery partners.

"Since inception, we've worked with carefully selected local delivery partners who meet our high standards for service," explained Aamir Baig, CEO at Article. "We've decided to take final-mile delivery to the next level with ADT. In-house delivery gives us a tighter feedback loop which helps us iterate on the process and create experiences people look forward to."

ADT teams are staffed by uniformed, Article-trained delivery personnel employed on a full-time basis. Supported directly by Article's customer service teams, ADT can solve customer issues on the spot, like rescheduling delivery appointments or shipping alternate product sizes or colors.

"We set out to make furniture shopping remarkably better from end to end. The more we're able to directly control the components of the shopping experience, the better we're able to achieve our mission," continued Baig. "Delivery is a critical component of the overall experience, and bringing it in-house allows us to make it both dramatically better and far more efficient."

Following the launch, the company plans to introduce the program to additional major North American cities over 18 months.

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