EPI-USE Acquires Equity Stake in BI Brainz

ATLANTA, Feb. 22, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- EPI-USE, the world's leading independent SAP HR/Payroll specialist and an emerging leader in Cloud-based solutions, announced today that it has acquired a significant equity interest in BI Brainz, the top firm in technology-agnostic Data Visualization, Storytelling Solutions and associated training.

Organizations using the combined services of EPI-USE and BI Brainz should see markedly improved success in Business Intelligence system implementations, through using a methodology that enables a robust definition of success criteria, as well as an enhanced understanding of meaning embedded in the underlying data models.

"Having been in the Business Intelligence and Reporting technology space for a significant period of my career, it has always bothered me that there were common themes that resulted in low adoption and questionable return on investment for our Business Intelligence deployment projects. Mico Yuk and her team at BI Brainz strongly demonstrate a lucid understanding of the root causes for the lack of user adoption and limited insights in traditional BI deployments. With the BI Brainz team on board, we can add meaningful value to future Business Intelligence and Analytics initiatives for our SAP clients, while leveraging data across a multitude of data landscapes" said Rowan Hinton, Associate Partner at EPI-USE America.

With BI Brainz, EPI-USE now has access to BI Brainz methodologies, trainings, templates as well as designer and data professionals, with deep experience leveraging BI Brainz's best practices to implement Business Intelligence and Data Visualization solutions in a cost-effective and sustainable manner that drives results.

"While our BI Dashboard Formula methodology solutions and trainings had gained much success globally, we needed a way to scale our business. EPI-USE's experience in the enterprise space will allow us to better serve our clients. We're excited about the future with EPI-USE, and our joint vision to eradicate low user adoption and create analytics that users love." - Mico Yuk, Co-Founder, BI Brainz


EPI-USE is part of groupelephant.com, which employs more than 2,000 people in 31 countries. Best known as the world's largest and most experienced independent SAP HR/Payroll specialist, designing, building and implementing Cloud-based, hybrid and on-premises systems for large, complex multinational corporations, EPI-USE has also recently emerged as a leader in deploying SAP's S/4 HANA Finance applications across several industries.

groupelephant.com has an unconventional approach to philanthropic activity. Rather than implementing a traditional corporate social responsibility program and simply donating funds to charities, in 'Beyond Corporate Purpose' it has a multi-zoned operating model (comprising for-profit, nonprofit and impact investment zones) that provides it with a professional, institutionalized delivery capability in the area of nonprofit activity and impact investment. Primary focus areas are the preservation of at-risk Elephants and Rhinos, through the economic upliftment of rural People in areas adjacent to the threatened species, or another definition of 'ERP', if you will.


About BI Brainz

BI Brainz is a global BI & Analytics consulting and solutions firm headquartered in Atlanta, GA and with offices in England, Jamaica and South Africa. BI Brainz uses its proprietary 'BI Dashboard Formula' methodology, to help organizations achieve successful BI projects, and by helping organizations transform their culture through the power of visual storytelling.

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