Hylan Wins Bid for DataGryd's MegaSuite 6 Project

HOLMDEL, N.J., March 26, 2019 Hylan, a market leading provider of specialized communications engineering and construction services, is pleased to announce today it has been selected by DataGryd, a premier data center provider in New York City, to design and build the power infrastructure for its MegaSuite 6, a high-density and high-performance data center suite.

DataGryd's contract was awarded to Hylan Datacom & Electrical, a division of Hylan that offers an array of services for Datacom, DAS Installations, Electrical Contracting, Lighting and Electrical Maintenance, Utility Construction, and Emergency/Disaster Recovery. As the chosen electrical contractor for the project, Hylan will fully design and build out 1 Megawatt (MW) of power infrastructure for the data hall at the iconic 60 Hudson Street carrier hotel, which will also have access to direct primary utility feeds of up to 5,000 KW of power. The build supports the increasing demand for data processing and data storage compute requirements, providing DataGryd customers with secure, reliable infrastructure while supporting global networking capabilities.

Following a stringent RFP process where it sought a 'best-in-class' provider, DataGryd ultimately selected Hylan for being a true leader in the space who could ensure the highest quality of work in a specific timeline.

"DataGryd's selection of Hylan to design and build the power infrastructure for MegaSuite 6, our newest 1 MW data hall, ensures tenant will receive access to space and power capabilities currently lacking in downtown Manhattan," states Tom Brown, DataGryd President and CEO. "Hylan is a leader in the industry and the company's knowledge and experience in the technology space makes them the ideal partner for this project."

Hylan Datacom & Electrical provides large and small customers with complete services for fiber optic cabling, wireless networks, intelligent traffic systems, signage, commercial and industrial electrical installations, emergency systems, building control systems, and more.

"Hylan is honored to work with DataGryd and its exciting new high-power data center offering," states Paul Angerame, President of Hylan Datacom & Electrical. "Hylan Datacom & Electrical prides itself as being among the most trusted contractors in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions, and our team looks forward to supporting the project, helping DataGryd customers to support their global networking requirements."

For more information about DataGryd's MegaSuite 6 project visit: www.datagryd.com. To learn more about Hylan Datacom & Electrical, visit http://hylangroup.com.

About Hylan

Hylan is a leading provider of turnkey communications and electrical infrastructure design, engineering and construction services for wireline, wireless and smart city municipal service operators around the U.S. Hylan was founded over 50 years ago in its flagship market of New York City and today serves a wide variety of end-markets in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states, with offices and facilities in New York, New Jersey, Arizona, Illinois, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Texas, Utah and Virginia. In 2016, Hylan received a significant investment from Flexis Capital and TZP Capital Partners to accelerate its growth strategy. Hylan's senior leadership team includes Robert DiLeo (CEO); John DiLeo (President); former AboveNet Chairman and CEO Bill LaPerch (Executive Chairman); Joe Cecin, COO, Scott Gindea, CFO; and Robert Bianco, VP of Business Development. For more information visit Hylan.com.

About DataGryd

DataGryd offers the most strategic international data network hub and largest single footprint data center available in New York City. DataGryd's 60 Hudson facility in Lower Manhattan provides up to 60,000 square-feet of available colocation space and state-of-the-art power and cooling infrastructure for data network, telecommunications, cloud and large enterprises. Located in one of the world's most concentrated hubs of Internet connectivity, 60 Hudson provides access to over 300 interconnected carriers and exchanges, with multiple Points of Entry (POEs) from diverse data network providers and direct fiber conduits. The high-density data center offers dual contingencies and delivers the highest value in energy efficiency, with direct primary utility feeds offering up to 5,000 KW of power. DataGryd data centers have no cross-connect fees or obligations to use any third-party Meet-Me Rooms (MMRs). The company provides turn-key wholesale data center space that leverages fortified facilities and custom suites with minimal deployment requirements. To learn more about DataGryd, visit www.DataGryd.com.

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