Video Conferencing Equipment Supplier, IVCi, Shares How Colleges Are Utilizing Video Conferencing to Expand Global Reach

HAUPPAUGE, N.Y., March 28, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Educational opportunities are appearing all around us. However, many individuals are not able to attend the university they want because of the distance. Video conferencing equipment supplier, IVCi, shares how colleges are utilizing video conferencing to expand their reach and put students in touch with classrooms around the globe.

    --  Global enrollment opportunities. Video conferencing allows for
        individuals in different parts of the world to connect in real time.
        This means that traditional interviews for potential students can be
        held via video conferencing, allowing for the interviewer and
        interviewee to build a stronger connection than a traditional phone
        interview allows. This technology also allows students around the world
        to enroll in universities and attend classes without having to increase
        the amount of facilities on campus.
    --  Lecture flexibility. With video conferencing, students, professors, and
        even guest speakers have the ability to access lectures or presentations
        remotely. This provides international or off-site students the
        opportunity to connect to the lecture live or record the lecture to view
        at a later time or date. The ability to view lectures on personal
        devices and at a later date assist with time differences for
        international students while also providing an opportunity to revisit
        the information for studying purposes.
    --  Increases engagement. When international students connect to live, real
        time lectures via video conferencing, they have the ability to engage
        with their professors and peers by asking questions, providing analysis,
        or presenting alternative ways of thinking. Video conferencing also
        allows for professors and guest speakers to take the lecture wherever
        they would like in order to give students a better understanding of real
        life experiences. For example, culinary students can transport into an
        actual kitchen or pre-med students to a real time surgery without
        leaving the lecture hall.
    --  Higher levels of student collaboration. Not only does video conferencing
        increase engagement for international students, it also increases the
        level of collaboration and productivity. Fostering an open learning
        environment with students from around the world allows for different
        points of views to be exchanged and opens up the classroom for a more
        collaborative and forward thinking environment.

Not only is video conferencing able to expand a university's reach by accepting students into programs across the globe, but it is also a way to foster a more productive learning environment to benefit not only the students, but the professors as well.


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