Kyle Parkway Dentistry, Dental Implant Clinic, Adds Latest 3D X-ray (CBCT) Technology

KYLE, Texas, March 29, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Not all dentist offices are created equal. In fact, there can be a wide discrepancy in the quality of treatment patients receive, particularly if a dental office doesn't invest in the latest technology.

Because providing exceptional patient care is our primary concern at Kyle Parkway Dentistry, we aim to offer the latest technological advances in the field of dentistry. To that end, we're pleased to use 3D dental x-ray technology on our patients.

What Is 3D Dental X-Ray Technology?

As you might imagine, 3D dental x-ray (CBCT-Cone beam computed tomography) technology takes pictures that show a 3D version of the patient's mouth.

How Are 3D Dental X-Rays Taken?

With 3D dental technology, you'll stand still while our camera rotates around your head, doing a complete 360-degree scan. The entire process is a quick one. As a result, there is less risk of movement, eliminating the need for retakes.

How Do Patients Benefit from 3D Dental X-Ray Technology?

Patients benefit in the following ways from 3D dental x-ray technology:

Increased Diagnostic Accuracy.
Because 3D helps our dentists can make more accurate diagnoses, our patients receive better treatment. For
instance, the high quality of the 3D images means that dentists can pinpoint dental problems at their onset,
allowing for early intervention, typically resulting in less invasive, less costly dental work.
Less Radiation Exposure.
With 3D technology, patients aren't exposed to unnecessary radiation. Instead, they receive the lowest
possible effective radiation dose.

Best Possible Imagery. Sometimes it's helpful to have multiple views of a patient's mouth. In those cases, it's nice to have a machine that takes 2D and 3D images.

Are 3D Dental X-Rays Safe?

While many people are worried about radiation exposure from X-rays, the radiation emitted from a 3D x-ray machine is extremely small. For instance, the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry has cleared children to receive dental x-rays. If you're still worried about this topic, please mention it at your next appointment. We're happy to discuss your concerns.

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