Badger Meter to Supply Aurora, Colorado with Advanced “Smart Water” Technologies

Badger Meter, Inc. (NYSE: BMI) today announced that it will supply its next generation ORION® Cellular smart water communication endpoints to Aurora Water in Colorado. The city’s aim is to reduce water loss, promote conservation and improve water delivery for the utility’s nearly 87,000 customers. The utility will also take advantage of BEACON® Advanced Metering Analytics (AMA), a software-as-a-service offering that collects and analyzes data within the distribution network to improve operational awareness. Aurora Water will utilize EyeOnWater® consumer engagement tools with its utility customers, allowing them to view their usage activity and to gain greater understanding and control of the water they consume.

To upgrade and standardize its water metering infrastructure and improve operational efficiency, Aurora Water will take advantage of the extended longevity and support of infrastructure-free cellular networks, which are driving cellular as the AMI system of choice for water utilities. The ORION Cellular endpoints selected by the city will utilize the newest LTE-M network which is fully compatible with current LTE and 5G technology.

The smart water system will improve the city’s efficiency and reduce water loss by providing access to high resolution consumption data and insights that will enable utility personnel to pinpoint and address problems quickly. Combined with our BEACON analytics software, the city will be able to protect revenue, prevent theft and improve leak detection by proactively identifying leaks in the distribution system. The solution will also enhance customer service by providing water consumers a better understanding of their water consumption.

Installations are expected to begin in Aurora this summer, with a four-year anticipated project timeline for full roll-out. Full implementation of the EyeOnWater tool will occur midway through the installation process.

“With the combination of our Recordall® meters, ORION Cellular radios and BEACON AMA software, Aurora Water will be equipped to obtain 15-minute interval data and alarm conditions four times per day, providing them with the information they need to more efficiently manage their water distribution system and better serve their customers,” said Kimberly Stoll, Vice President - Sales & Marketing at Badger Meter. “As one of the largest deployments of our newest ORION LTE-M cellular solution, this partnership demonstrates our commitment to innovation, conservation and leveraging the power of infrastructure-free AMI for water utilities.”

“Aurora Water was an early adopter of automated metering systems,” stated Alicia DuPree, Senior Engineer for Aurora Water. “We’re excited by the possibilities this next generation of technology will provide to the utility and our customers.”

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