Inference Extends Support for Google Contact Center AI and Dialogflow

SAN FRANCISCO, April 24, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Inference Solutions, a global provider of Intelligent Virtual Agents for sales and service organizations, today announced global availability of Inference Studio's latest version, which makes it easier for telecommunications carriers, contact center software providers and enterprises of all sizes to harness the power of Google's Contact Center AI (CCAI).

As consumers become accustomed to interacting with their Google Home and Android devices, they now expect a similar self-service experience when contacting their favorite brands for service. This shift in consumer expectation is driving enterprises to ask their carriers and software service providers for easy-to-deploy CCAI solutions.

"Google APIs for the contact center are being rapidly embraced by our partners, both to assist live agents and to deliver a more conversational self-service experience. Inference Studio is designed to help them price, package and deploy intelligent virtual agent solutions that meet a wide range of needs for their customers," said Inference Solutions CEO Callan Schebella. "The latest version of Inference Studio makes this even easier by giving them a wide range of new capabilities, including access to pre-built Dialogflow agents, and the ability to more easily integrate agents they've built themselves."

Benefits to Partners

Telecommunications carriers and contact center software providers partner with Inference to simplify the development and deployment of Intelligent Virtual Agents. Studio offers these partners many benefits, including:

    --  The ability to package virtual agents like human agents: similar to
        employing human agents, partners pay a flat monthly fee for each virtual
        agent they resell. Those agents can be used 24/7 and consume as much of
        the underlying Speech, TTS, NLP and other resources required to solve
        customer problems, eliminating the need to consume resources by paying a
        fraction of a cent for each API call or server request.
    --  The ability to deploy multiple classes of service at different price
        points: service providers package Virtual Agents with precise skillsets,
        at a retail price point that they choose. Inference makes it easy for
        them to manage multiple SKUs that target different segments of the
    --  Ease of management: service providers use their own provider-level
        account to manage the sub-accounts of their enterprise customers, giving
        them more operational control. Inference's partners manage thousands of
        enterprise and government accounts.
    --  Ease of development: Inference Studio makes it easy to build advanced
        self-service applications. Inference offers dozens of pre-built tasks,
        including PCI-compliant payments, appointment scheduling, biometric
        voice authentication and more. Those tasks can now easily work with
        Google Dialogflow agents.

Benefits to Enterprises

Businesses face increasing pressure to deliver a better customer experience with dialogs optimized by Conversational AI. Inference's Virtual Agents give businesses a fast, easy and low-risk path to deploy AI-powered, self-service solutions. Benefits to enterprises include:

    --  Improved customer experience: Businesses can give customers immediate
        service anytime, anywhere and on any device - all while removing deep
        layers of frustrating IVR menus.
    --  Cost savings: A Virtual Agent costs only a fraction of what a human
        agent costs.
    --  Compliance: Virtual Agents help avoid costly PCI and HIPPA violations by
        collecting sensitive customer data without revealing information to
        human agents.

Today's release of Inference Studio brings to market new features to help businesses harness the impressive power of Google's AI for the Contact Center. Inference CEO Callan Schebella describes them in detail in this blog post, which includes a demonstration of Studio's new Open Form node that makes using Dialogflow easier.

Inference Studio recently won a Gold Stevie Award for best new version of an IVR Solution, and also earned a 2019 Internet Telephony Product of the Year Award. Visit to learn more about harnessing the power of Google CCAI with Inference Studio.

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Founded in 2011 and headquartered in San Francisco, Inference Solutions is a global provider of Intelligent Virtual Agents for sales and service organizations. Inference's AI-powered Intelligent Virtual Agents automate the routine and repetitive conversations handled by live agents today over voice, chat and text. Inference is trusted by organizations around the world - from small business to the fortune 5000. Businesses and government organizations trust Inference to streamline inbound and outbound customer communications and service. Inference is resold by T1, T2 & T3 carriers, as well as by UC and Contact Center software providers to extend their automated self-service capabilities. For more information, visit

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