MeshTech Offers its Children Education Apps For Free in Ramadan

KARACHI, Pakistan, May 9, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Pakistan & Dubai based Educational App Maker MeshTech Solutions that has made critically acclaimed speech and therapy apps is offering all its premium applications for free commemorating the holy month of Ramadan and the approaching Mother's day. The apps that rank mostly on top at many application stores for Android, Apple and Amazon in their specific niche have been received very well by parents, trainers and communities of speech language pathologists/ therapists.

MeshTech's educational applications are designed and developed for children to overcome speech and other sensory delays along with academic shortcomings with and without the help of a therapist. Their first and most popular app Articulation Essentials is designed to facilitate speech therapy for speech delays, Articulation Apraxia, Aphasia, Phonology, Stuttering, Naming Therapy and Autism. It provides and extensive library of word flash cards which cover a full range of sounds that children often have difficulty pronouncing.

MeshTech's second mobile app Alphabet Essentials lets children explore hundreds of words and much more through real life images to learn their names, sounds and appearance. Their 3(rd) Application AR Talking Cards took interactive learning up a notch by integrating Augmented Reality. This advance technical feature makes images and content on the flash cards pop right in front of the screens.

Sounds Essentials is the 4(th) application developed by MeshTech that enabled children to improve sound recognition, listening and develop auditory discrimination skills. Launched almost a year ago for all mobile application stores, Visual Schedules and Social Stories is their 5(th) application that focuses on using social stories and visual schedules to improve behavior issues in children with autism. This specialty application enables children to overcome communicational challenges in their daily routine, especially during school.

MeshTech Solution believes on the ideology of going the extra mile in customer facilitation. "We offer solutions that assist children and therapists in different ways, something such as this should not be overly commercialized and there should absolutely be no hidden charges if a user has already paid for an application suit which allows the developer to ensure updates," says Fahad Shahab, Chief Technological Officer behind MeshTech.

While even the demo versions of MeshTech's education apps contain all the features that a user would need, this time around MeshTech makes the premium versions of all the aforementioned applications that have more content and features also available for free. "Ramadan teaches us about compassion, self-control, and social responsibility. Since our apps have helped people, we wanted to do our part and do more," says Fahad.

Interested Users can get in touch with MeshTech Solution's Facebook Page, or the email mentioned below to receive a promo code for the respective application they want to download.

The PromoCode once redeemed on the specific application store page (like : Google Play, App store and Amazon app store) will make the premium app to be downloaded for free on the device. The offer will be available for the whole of Ramadan and the Eid Days till 8(th) of June, 2019

Ali Altaf
Customer Relations Manager
MeshTech Solutions, Pakistan
+92 322-255-8385

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