How Teksan Makes a Difference With Power Solutions Around the World

ISTANBUL, May 14, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Offering services with uninterrupted power solutions for 25 years, Teksan Generator is growing fast on the global scale by expanding its geographical coverage and fortifying market position through its strong sales and services network. The company, which is enlisted among "Turkey's Top 500 Industrial Enterprises," provides diesel, natural & biogas gensets, lighting towers, cogeneration-trigeneration and hybrid power systems with comprehensive technical services. Furthermore, Teksan can serve its customers with niche solutions such as super-silent solutions as well as composite canopies, which are the choice of the professionals that are in search of uniqueness in comfort and better designs in their architectural projects.

Teksan, which exports approximately 60% of its production to more than 130 countries foremostly UK, Holland, Greece, Poland, Russia, Kazakhstan, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, UAE, Algeria, Libya, Kenya, Thailand and so on, distinguishes against competitors through its technology, R&D, and innovations.

Company that innovates tailor-made power solutions for major projects such as construction, telecommunication and data center projects, retailers, hotels, hospitals, residences, mining facilities, financial institutions, sport centers and industrial plants, has noteworthy references like Anfield Stadium (UK), Raiking Hospital (Thailand), Allai Newroz Telecom (Iraq), Rejal Alma Sewage Treatment Plant (Saudi Arabia), ING Bank Haagse Port Investment Banking (Holland) and so on.

Teksan, one of the few companies in the world that can use hybrid power generation technologies, is also differentiated with its natural & biogas driven cogeneration-trigeneration systems, which utilize renewable sources to deliver higher energy efficiency rates up to 90%, and decrease the payback period of the investment to a short span such as 2-3 years while to reduce carbon emission by 40%.

Teksan Hybrid Genset, a solution where diesel engine and battery bank can be integrated to renewable resources such as solar and wind to power off-grid projects such as telecom towers and oil drilling platforms, decreases payback period of investments up to 1,5 years by reducing fuel consumption up to 65%. Teksan's Lighting Towers, solutions which also have hybrid power technology, are being used particularly in the enlightenment of outdoor areas such as construction sites and provides savings in fuel consumption up to 73%. In addition to the savings in fuel consumption, Teksan's environmentally friendly hybrid solutions also decrease operational expenses through longer service intervals that can be handled with fewer technical personnel and delivers extended economic life of the engines due to lower engine operation times.

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