Beriblock launches to leverage blockchain to safeguard asset transactions

BOGOTA, Colombia, May 28, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Beriblock has announced its official launch, with partners such as Compensar and Bolsa Mercantil de Colombia onboard, as the startup works to usher integrity to asset transactions using blockchain technology.

Founded in 2018, Beriblock set out to find a better way to safeguard debt contracts and commercial notes against fraud. When a debt transaction takes place, the unity of digital data and physical presence is lost, generating a "trust gap" in the financial system. Today, Beriblock offers a blockchain-based service that addresses said trust gap and improves upon the custodian system. Based in Bogotá, Colombia, Beriblock is the first blockchain-based Latin American startup in the document authentication and custodian niche.

"We are proud and excited to be announcing the official launch of Beriblock, following a pivot from lending to blockchain-as-a-service, which came from an acknowledgment of the many pain points of large financial institutions and the outdated ways in which they have historically worked to circumvent them," said Salomon Muriel, Beriblock CEO and co-founder.

With plans to scale across Latin America, and beyond, Beriblock has partnered with Rokk3r Inc. (OTC: ROKK) to create and execute upon a roadmap for expansion. The U.S.-based company cobuilder and consulting firm will help Beriblock strengthen its core technology, devise go-to market strategies in new countries and establish product-market fit in new areas of operation.

"It is emboldening to have a partner like Rokk3r by our side," Muriel said. "We are confident the Rokk3r team's expertise identifying product-market fit in Latin America and building robust technology platforms will make the early-stage scaleup part of Beriblock's lifecycle smoother than it might otherwise be."

"The evolution of Latin America's financial sector has been hindered for decades because of an array of issues, including trust, or lack thereof, in traditional systems. Beriblock is directly addressing this issue," said Lorenzo de Leo, Rokk3r's Chief Growth Officer. "Together, Beriblock and Rokk3r will hopefully bring a new, improved way of doing business in a region we know is ready for change."

About Beriblock
Beriblock is replacing custodians with mathematical proof to ensure compliance across transactions. Our blockchain-as-a-service document authentication platform offers instant, cheap, distributed, and secure proof of existence, ownership and authenticity for any document, agreement, or contract. We secure debt titles, contracts, documents, agreements, invoices and other digital assets. To learn how we are ushering in integrity and efficiency to transactions, visit us at

About Rokk3r Inc.
Rokk3r is a company builder headquartered in Miami, Florida, that enables aspiring entrepreneurs and established companies to successfully launch exponential, tech-driven businesses. By leveraging Rokk3r's global network of engineers, designers and educators, such groundbreaking companies as Hyp3r, AdMobilize, Joule.AI, Uniko, and Emerge have been #PoweredByRokk3r. To learn how Rokk3r transforms businesses from traditional to exponential, visit and follow Rokk3r on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook.

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